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When things appear down and the world seems a difficult place to live and people are just being unreasonable, what would most of us do? Some will say stay positive, things will change, the world is just a perception away and that people are not that bad, well, good for them because you are what you think  as, I think, therefore I am, the famous pronouncement of the French existentialist  philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 -1980).

For  atheists like Sartre, you are responsible for what you are and no Creator is there to help you or determine things for you.

But for many of us, Believers, trying to make sense of the happenings around us, we will resort to that Higher Being, that Supreme Creator, the judge of all man and the source of our spiritualism. We call it/him/her by different names as we lift up our hands palmward or prostrate  in prayer taught to us since childhood and thus dependent on the accident of our birth.

A Universal Prayer

A Universal Prayer

Different names ,different paths but ultimately leading to that Glorious Being,and that is my belief.

Many deeply religious people would attest to the power of prayer. It gives them a sense of calm and peace, leaving their human emotion in the hands of that Being. Imagine the period of the cave man, who did he turn to when he was depressed? This was during the so-called period of non-enlightenment. He could have prayed to his dead ancestors, for all we know, to look after him.

My point is, God in any other name is still God.

And I pray to this Supreme Being to open up the mind of bigots who hijack God in the name of religion. I pray to God to show these people the right path towards peace for all mankind. For some, asking God to show them the right path is uttered several times a day through their prayers and yet their path meets a dead end. Universal God, please, open up that path and free their spirits.

I pray and I believe.


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