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I have heard of this name Deepak and his alleged association with Rosmah Mansor, Prime Minister Najib’s wife a couple of years back. Pro-opposition media and bloggers claimed that he was Rosmah’s errand boy. He is said to be a carpet seller  and for the life of me, I am at my wit’s end trying to figure out how this businessman could have entered Najib’s circle. I mean being a carpet man and of that ancestry ( this statement maybe distasteful to some of you but I don’t know how else to put it). If I were the PM, I would not expect my wife to go and buy carpet and then get acquainted with the carpet seller, look guys, this is insane!

Rosmah Mansor - perception of her is negative. Doesn't she know this?

Rosmah Mansor – perception of her is negative. Doesn’t she know this?

Being a powerful political man especially in a democracy, there is always that risk of you having enemies from outside and within your party. Having a wife who also wants to grab the political limelight is akin to an impending disaster. I have posted about Rosmah being a political asset and liability to Najib before as I was concerned with her penchant to upstage her husband. Why can’t she just be like Siti Hasmah, Princeton-educated Michelle Obama, David Cameron’s wife and Lee Hsien Lung’s wife?? These ladies are perceived as gracious and supportive of their powerful spouses.

Apparently, Rosmah’s association with this carpet seller has turned not only sour but nightmarish for Najib. By keeping silent on this man’s allegations of corruption,political cronyism and blatant use of public fund,  PM Najib is perceived as vulnerable. As a result of this deafening silence, people are speculating and some have come up with conspiracy theories such as ex- PM Mahathir and Deputy PM Muhyiddin could be behind this carpet seller’s damning expose to get rid of Najib from UMNO, the dominant BN (National Front) coalition partner that has been governing Malaysia for  over 50 years, for reasons best known to them.

The non-mainstream media is having quite a lively time talking about this Deepak guy and his sinister allegations against Najib,Rosmah and some UMNO figures. The report here is very concerning. Now as one of the voters in the coming 13GE, what am I supposed to do? Be with the devil that you know rather than the angel that you don’t? Despite  many cyberfolks wanting to end this government, I am not convinced that the current opposition would be able to deliver as they promise. Opposition partner, PAS (Islamic Party) governing Malaysia? God forbids!

I am hoping that BN will return to power and that Najib will do a lot of house cleaning to promote integrity in the government. So far his approach has brought renewed confidence in the market and general economic well being of the country. His transformation programmes are bearing fruits. Wealth is not concentrated on the elites alone as there is a rising middle-class and social mobility made possible through educational and economic opportunities.

Deepak Jaikishan - the disgruntled businessman who is trying to determine how we should vote.

Deepak Jaikishan – the disgruntled businessman who is trying to determine how we should vote.

Now back to Deepak who has morphed into a story teller, his boldness is grudgingly admirable. He must have some powerful supporters behind him besides the opposition. You will remember that Najib has wanted to field younger and new candidates for the 13GE to connect more with the young demographic?  Now, do you think these serving politicians would give up their lucrative positions without a fight? Come people, think.

Najib is not perfect, who is? But what he is trying to do seems to me a sincere effort towards a better Malaysia if not why does he wait so  long to call for the General Election? Granted that he had to put in more effort following the election disaster brought on by his dim-witted predecessor. Those in his present cabinet are mostly appointed by that sleepyhead and highly in need of being replaced.

Deepak is definitely a part of the conspiracy to topple PM Najib, no doubt about that. We should not let this disgruntled carpet seller determine our decision to get rid of the PM.


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