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For the incorrigibly positive people, anything new is always a challenge and never a problem. Set your mental temperature right and it can do wonders to your whole outlook in life. And so it is with the new year 2013 which is celebrated throughout the world regardless of colour and creed. This is one celebration that people the world over would choke when they see those firecrackers bursting and burning to light up the sky in different colours,shapes and patterns.

2013 KLCC fireworks

New Year 2013 KLCC fireworks  celebration- Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

They shriek,scream,shout and sing themselves hoarse as if to get out of all the tension the past year seems to represent. Every normal and healthy person would look forward for a better time, for another chance to do things right, to redeem themselves and to renew and strengthen relationships.

Some people in my city would jump into the sea right when the clock strikes at midnight as a ritual to cleanse themselves of all the bad luck of the passing year. The beach is jam-packed for this annual “crazy’ splash. You have to see it to believe it, hundreds virtually jump in at the same time!

New Year 2013 at Sydney harbour bridge - Flickr

New Year 2013 at Sydney harbour bridge – Flickr

This celebration, one would hope will not be tainted and painted as decadent and against any religion ( I am not talking about parties,drinking and dancing). I am talking about people getting together to wish each other for a brighter time ahead marked by a new phase in their lives.

People come together to share something which they deem meaningful, a celebration of past achievements and the burying of past failures and the hope of a new year with strengthened faith, stronger efforts,better relationship and greater commitment of doing good.

Another year with another chance to do things better, to make things right to forgive and maybe to try to forget the bitterness which is identified with the passing year.

People want to find excuses to leave unhappiness behind and what better way than marking the action to coincide with the new year.

It is all in the mind for if you really think about it, there is nothing really physically different from 31 December 2012 and 1 January 2013 in terms of the environment  that you are in.

For some people though, the passing of the year is something that touches the soul as the new year would mean you are getting closer to that life event the probability of which is ONE.

New Year 2013- Taipei Fireworks (Photo; Eton-Shu)

New Year 2013- Taipei Fireworks (Photo; Eton-Shu)

So go on , be grateful that you are still alive and celebrate your remaining time on this earth.

Looking at these wonderful pictures of fireworks captured all over the world, you can say that new year celebration is one single most shared global event. Cities all over the world try to outdo each other in showcasing this fireworks and lighting display.

Famous among these is of course the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks annually seen by million all over the world. The event created a sense of togetherness and unity for the people of Australia as they blast the passing year away and welcome the new year with bangs,bangs and bangs.

Landmarks around the world are  alight wondrously, from New Zealand,Sydney,Hong Kong,Taipei, (India not celebrating due to the death of the woman as a result of a gang-rape), Dubai,London, Rio de Janeiro. Las Vegas, Durban , Moscow and Tokyo.

Well, that’s it folks, the year that was and the new year that is.

Besides pursuing my career, I hope this year would be better as far as my financial status is concerned. The American fiscal cliff is now nigh and the Euro-zone debt crisis will burn itself  out (unfortunately Mrs Angela Merkel, the tough German Chancellor is not as optimistic ), making 2013 surely better than 2012. And the world will be as it has always been every time there is a renewal of commitment toward better quality of life  by global and local leaders where ever they are.

I am hopelessly positive, guys.

Happy New Year 2013  to all my blog readers!


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