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It would be real great if the rakyat could vote in  clean  representatives. But I fear this announcement by PM Najib here is all about pulling wool over the public’s eye. We have had our fair share of corrupt politicians serving us despite apparently having been vetted by MACC ostensibly as a standard practice.

How boring!

Crap, how boring!

Many of their negative practices are hard to detect like a Minister who told a senior civil servant to consider his “boys” when buying hospital supplies. Then there was this Oxford-educated UMNO MP ( during Bodohwi’s short term as PM), who harassed civil servants to give  contracts to his cronies. He sent his UMNO Youth members to pay “courtesy calls” to heads of  targeted government departments to convey the “appropriate” message of cooperation or else.

Lining their pockets seems to be their preoccupation while “serving” the rakyat. Some do it openly while others surreptitiously and  when they are exposed, they deny vehemently and even refuse to resign from their posts. When they do not resign, their party is seen to be endorsing their detestable acts. So tell me, how can we re-elect such a government??

Corruption is not only about accumulating unearned money but it is also about behaviour and action and these are hard to detect or assess at the point of MACC so-called clearance exercise as they are intangible. Long-term politicians are the usual culprits. I say drop all those two-term potential candidates as you are most likely to find them corrupted to the core and surrounded by businessmen who keep corrupting them.

If true the potential candidates would be studied by MACC, then we will see whether the current Chief Minister of Melaka and the current Head of UMNO Youth  pass the clearance tests.

And one more thing, MACC officers’ Datukship award should only be conferred by DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong and not from any of the State’s Head, Sultans or Governors. I have noticed certain MBs and CMs recommending the prestigious award to state MACC officers, now that is suspect especially in cases where the former is subject to investigations just like the one in an East Malaysian state.

PM Najib  has promised that he would reform UMNO from within if given the mandate in the next GE. I would very much like to be one of those giving the needed mandate to Najib as this is the acid test of his premiership where I observe a large difference in ideas  and work ethics over his sleepy predecessor’s forgettable tenure.

In the meantime, though, my involuntary response to PM Najib’s announcement is similar to the tiger’s.


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