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Last Wednesday I read about how two Australian radio DJs were able to dupe a nurse at the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to for severe morning sickness, to reveal some sensitive information on the phone. Apparently they pretended to be  Queen E and Prince Charles. The two pranksters gloated about how easy the hoax was, with their terrible accent, to get through and they even broadcast the whole taped conversation.

About forty eight hours later, the nurse who inadvertently passed on  the prank call to the Duchess’s ward, was found dead in her hospital flat. The public reactions are just one of shock, disbelief and anger especially against the two Aussie DJs who are now taken off the air. Yes, the two have blood on their hands.

The hospital where the nurse worked, King Edwards VII  in London has long been the choice of royalty and other VIPs and has boasted of being one of the best private hospitals in Europe. So just imagine  the impact of the breach in confidentiality on  its so-called “unblemished” reputation.

If I were the Head of the hospital, I would have hit the roof. I would call the Chief Nurse and tell her (angrily) how the “stupidity” and gullibility of the nurse has made my hospital the laughing stock of the world and especially when the affected  “guest”  is the  future Queen of England! I would be extremely furious and disappointed because I also failed to put a better security system in place. This failure could affect my contract with the hospital.

And now, what do you think the Chief Nurse’s( we call them Matrons in Malaysia) reaction would be and what would she do?  For those who are working or ever work  in hospitals, you would be familiar with the type of personalities these Matrons display. I could only imagine the “tongue lashings”  the poor nurse would have received. And to think that she is an immigrant, having come from Mangalore,  South India about 10 years before and has worked in the hospital for about four years would have made it a lot worse and her position might well be untenable. Imagine also what her colleagues’ reactions would have been toward her for putting them at risk.  What is more distressing in the work place than peer rebuff? You put yourself in her shoes.

I know how it was working in London and with those stiff-upper lipped English individuals.

Rest in Peace Jacintha Saldanha : Photo -Net Image

Rest in Peace Jacintha Saldanha (Photo -Net Image)

If she were threatened with termination, she would not be able to get another job in any hospital in the UK as her resume would  be  less than stellar. Nursing is perhaps her life and not being able to work in that capacity would have made her extremely depressed.

The Hospital CEO’s statement about her death is just too clinical. I find it hard to believe that the hospital did not sanction her following the incident.

The world is angry with the two inconsiderate DJs but what actually caused the suicide of the 46 -year old nurse with two teenage children? Why did she “perform” the ultimate act? Leaving behind her loved ones, the people dearest to her? It would appear that she was just not in the right frame of mind because her “suicide” occurred within a very short time of the  embarrassing incident.

The family she left behind

The family she left behind

When the truth may never be known, leaving a vacant space, speculations will fill the void. What transpired in that hospital, only the people involved would  know and deal with their conscience over this tragic end.

You can rest in peace Jacintha Saldanha ( for that is the nurse’s name) because the people who “contributed ” to your untimely death will not be able to live in peace.


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