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The American presidential elections and the Chinese top leadership change have come to pass and now like everyone else, I am waiting for the date of our country’s 13th General Election to be finally declared. It has been delayed for all these months that some people are saying PM Najib is attempting to wear his opponents and the rakyat down. To me, what he is doing is to win over the fence sitters who could make the difference which coalition party would win the crucial election, that is, especially for Najib and perhaps for aging Anwar Ibrahim too.

My  issue  with BN (National Front)  is the fact that having been in power for over 50 years, the coalition is getting indifferent and taking a lot of things for granted. The situation has become unhealthy and they have the tendency to use racial sentiment to cement or entrench their position. The check and balance leave much to be desired and there is a lack of transparency in many government’s dealings. There is also the tendency not to be accountable for mishaps or perceived wrongdoings of its ministerial ranks.

If I could compare BN with the the  Communist Party of  China (CPC) which has been in power for also over 50 years, that’s as far as the comparison would go as there is really no multi-party elections  characteristic of a  western democracy, in China. And yet the CPC appears robust in fighting crime and corruption among its members, take for example its senior member, Bo Xilai  who was unceremoniously sacked for corruption. The CPC also have a regular and scheduled system of changing their top leaders who have been groomed every 10 years albeit by their own party members.

Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Four-Term Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003)…many advantages no doubt but…..

In Malaysia, we are supposed to go to the polls every five years and the people choose their representatives but somehow the choice is a bad and boring one: the same people are put up for election. We are not spoilt for choice for sure. Moreover the same politicians running on BN tickets keep winning more on party line rather than the strength of their characters. Many perceptively lack integrity.Just look at the wealth they have accumulated that is not from their politicians’ salaries. And check  out the mansions and luxury cars that they own. No wonder they are not happy when PM Najib  indicated that he wanted to replace them and  field new and younger faces in the next General Election.

Psy sharing with the World his Gangnam Style…. and yes, we Malaysians also have our own style.

I don’t think any politician is worth more than two terms. The four-term ex-PM Mahathir should not be repeated in our modern democratic pursuit. It has advantages but many long-term disadvantages as well. One of them is the unhealthy politico-business deals. Just look at that “uban putih” Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak who has been in power for more than 30 years  and indulging in corrupt practices.

At the moment, I prefer PAS-free BN out of my consternation of PAS radical Islamic outlook. Why should they mix religion with politics is beyond me. Some people want to control others’ belief  to the extent of  crossing  over to the realm of unreasonableness to quench this thirst to control. If that were  not the case, why  then  should they make issues with PKR MP, Nurul Izzah’s statement on that there is no compulsion in religion which is in the Quranic text?  Surely God does not make distinction when referring to this human choice. Yes, human, not Chinese, Indians or Malays or even Americans, British or Africans for that matter. So this man-made distinction serves to widen the cultural divide in this country. This is no longer about God but more about a  perceived survival of an ethnic group.

Come this 13GE (General Election)  in 2013, you will notice more  contentious issues will crop up to win votes. And it is the Malaysian people who are being short-changed when they are  coerced to vote along racial and religious lines.


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