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We have been reading about civil servants being arrested and charged in court for abuse of their positions. The cases usually take the form of a head of department giving contract to his/her relatives. The accused is hauled in to court with jackets and all, shielding  their faces in shame  here . It seems so easy to get these minnows who make  meagre bucks from their contemptible acts.  I really must congratulate the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council) for this fast action. Well, an abuse of power or position is still legally wrong however big or small the amount involved.

The school principal charged with giving contract worth about RM30k to his sister.

This brings us to the question of the ease with which the authorities would  go after the small man, the offending “virus’ . How easy it is to get the evidence and frame the charge and shame him/her.

What about large-scale abuse of power that is happening right in front of our eyes? It has been happening for over a quarter of a century (25 years), and yet not a wisp of official news that we have fleetingly heard that this  alleged mammoth mother of corruption is being systematically investigated.

Taib Mahmud (Uban Putih) has been Chief Minister of timber-rich Sarawak for 31 years in 2012.

Taib Mahmud, the long-serving Chief Minister of Sarawak, is left to plunder the State’s asset to enrich himself  and  his family. His ability to thwart any official enquiries into his abuse of power is legendary. It takes a foreign organisation to detail the massive wealth accumulation of Taib’s family through his politically powerful  hold on the State’s resources: land and timber.

You can read the article  here and download the ground-breaking report on Taib and his family’s detailed wealth and money laundering activities. Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of  Sabah, Taib’s neighbouring East Malaysian State, is not anywhere near Taib in terms of the alleged sheer enormity of corruption.

As to why Taib Mahmud has not been investigated for corruption is anyone’s guess. Despite the focus on corruption through PM Najib’s  ETP (economic Transformation Programme), it is clear that it is only targeting the small people. Those who have no clout to protect  or defend themselves and hide their tracks. The current scenario makes a mockery of justice in this country.

It is interesting to note, people tend to turn a  blind eye on this injustice and yet this very people will respond vehemently if their God is, in anyway, shown perceptual disrespect. And yet, God dispenses justice to all regardless of your station in life. And our time will definitely come.

At 76,  Taib Mahmud, referred to as “Uban Putih” by Sarawakians, has been in power and refused to step down to let a younger leader  helm the state, for the last three decades. It almost equals the number of years dictators/despots such as the violently murdered Gadaffi of Libya had been. In fact, Taib’s period in power is  more than Suharto of Indonesia and Marcos of The Philippines,  Asian infamous state wealth  plunderers

Under the current political arrangement and a simultaneous recall of the law of attrition, it might well be that this Chief Minister will only leave his post feet first.

Let us hope all his amazing wealth that he cannot bring to his grave, will be donated to the charities of this world. And then Najib, pray that he wins the next 13th General Election, will have the mandate (and the courage) to order for full investigations into the rest of  Taib’s family for their allegedly plundered state wealth.


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