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Judging from the surge of visitors to my blog, I  have already suspected that the news of a high-ranking government officer, the Director General of the Ministry of Health no less, being caught, charged and convicted in a  Syariah Court for close proximity or khalwat with a nurse  early this morning in a five-star hotel in Putrajaya  must have gone viral here.

I have posted about this man just over 18 months back. In it I  revealed that this DG was much hated by his staff in general. His rise to the highest post in the Ministry was apparently a fluke, thanks to the preceding DG  who later regretted his choice, according to my sources. He is not only incompetent, lacking social graces but arrogant as well as  lupa daratan (forgotten his beginning) according to his senior colleagues who had tried to contact him following his unexpected promotion but were given the cold shoulder treatment.

Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman – Photo Malay Mail

When people dislike to the point of finding you despicable  they would seek for ways to pull you down. I recall the same thing that happened to an arrogant  DG of MAMPU a number or years ago. He was supposed to be promoted to the high post of the Director General of Public Services Department (JPA) but was unceremoniously sidelined following his arrest and conviction for, what else, khalwat with his junior lady officer in a hotel in Johor Bahru.

In both cases, they were tipped off by members of the public. Now, you tell me, in all probability, who in the hotel  would know that you, a senior government officer, are not married when you checked in or are seen with a companion if not for people who have dealings with you?

I have had a number of unhappy messages about this DG  from my readers.  His calling senior officers “bodoh” (stupid)  in public is one of them and yet another one was his going around threatening staff and officers that they would not be considered for promotion if they disagreed with his way. Rather autocratic in nature, he is a non-consultative leader and has difficulties accepting alternative views. Can you imagine that our Civil Service still has this kind of leader in  PM Najib’s transformational era of government?

To me he is not fit to be the DG of a big Ministry ( or any other Ministry for that matter) and I had  impressed upon the new  Chief Secretary to the Government to investigate  his persistent unprofessional and non-transformational behaviour with the view of removing or replacing him. Now fate itself has dealt  a blow to him as he  is proven to be a disgrace to the profession and to our Malaysian Civil Service.

The best thing for him to honourably do is to resign from his post, but in Malaysia this is not a normal practice. Silap hari bulan ( the unthinkable could happen), no disciplinary actions will be  taken against him and the Ministry’s staff  will have to bear the burden of shame for having him as their top leader.  Dear Lord, spare your  suffering creatures!

For the reader who was unhappy with me for writing about this officer, I would like to say we should not keep quiet  if we see arrogance, small-mindedness and unfairness in the civil service the same goes for us in the GLC or the private sector. The behaviour should be exposed as unacceptable so that it will not fester and be emulated.

To Hassan Abdul Rahman (if you still remain the DG)  and high-ranking officers like him, I have this to say, humility is a leadership quality and there is no harm to be considerate and respectful towards  your staff who are your assets when you are good to them, yet , could be your deadliest enemies if you humiliate  them especially in public.

This DG learned it the hard way and rather too late.



  1. Well written.Hope moh will appoint a caring DG in future.Staff are working under immense pressure underDr Hasan.How can staff performs if they are overwork n not cared for by their ministry?

  2. I agree with the writer. Coming from public sector, I have had quite a few previous business dealing or meetings with the DG and he is a person who cannot accept different opinions. He like to interrupt when people are speaking and did not give other people opportunities to present their views.

    As for MoH Staff, a lot of you are lazy, disinterested and just going thru the motion. You got paid bonuses each year for doing nothing. I have been to MOH in Putrajaya for years now and a lot of you are just read the newspapers (especially the BPM). This is rakyat money you are using to feed your children or wife or husband. Make sure you earn it!!!

    The SUB or TSUB who is nearing pension did not dare to make important decision as any problem caused by the decision taken can effect their pension. SO that why majority of projects failed in MOH…

    I urge the KSN to check on your people. What they are doing every day especially the Senior one. Check why the projects are late and study what is the issues..

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