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I remember blogging in blogspot about Obama for president in 2008. I was interested in his politics after reading his book,The Audacity of Hope. He comes across as a fair man and a man who wants to ensure the poor are not left out in savouring the country’s economic cake. It is not surprising because of his childhood background and his hard journey, from being a community organiser in Chicago to where he is now.

He is not perfect but he is not bad either. I would vote for Obama’s re-election for four more years!

In a couple of days’ time we would know whether he would be re-elected as the President of America. It is hard for him to defend the current outcomes of his accomplishments after four years against those promised by his Republican presidential rival, Mitt Romney.

It is easier for Romney to promise the world to the American people because his proposed measures are yet to be tested. And for those who fall for Romney’s promises, they must realise that there are not going to be an overnight kind of achievements. Whereas Obama has already achieved a certain level of success on his election promises. America has to give him more time to get on with the job.

The fact that the Jewish state of Israel especially its Prime Minister, Netanyahu doesn’t prefer Obama as President, shows that Obama is a moderate because afterall he did say in one of his speeches, quoteOur commitment to the state of Israel must not waver, neither is our pursuit for peace ( in the Middle East)” unquote. In that single statement, we could grasp Obama’s thinking. Netanhayu has wanted Obama to be more partisan as far as Jewish interest is concerned. A situation which is not malleable to sustainable Middle-East peace.

Obama’s and Netanyahu’s differences on Iran are also glaring. The latter is gearing for an attack and the former favours less destructive means of forcing Iran to contain her nuclear ambition. Which is the more diplomatic (humane) approach? I also would like to refer to The Obama Doctrine which I think will historically define his presidency.

Obama has accomplished a lot in the four years he has been President of America. Some of those are the Healthcare Reform, the restructuring of the motor industry, aversion from recession and of course the removal of Osama bin Laden from this world. He is not perfect by all means but he has shown to the American people that his administration is not making things worse.

Obama assumed the post of the president when America suffered one of the worst financial crisis in this century under the Bush’s Republican administration. It is unfair to blame him for the slow recovery of the economy as four years is a short time compared to Bush’s eight years of financial and economic policies. And not to mention Bush’s foreign policies which bordered on the arrogance and wreaked with unilateralism.

The invasion of Iraq unilaterally ordered by Republican President Bush in 2003 was so unnecessary, killing thousands of innocent lives and destroying properties and infrastructures.

The last three years of Bush’s years were spent on unnecessary war in Iraq ( I have never forgiven Bush for invading Iraq and pray that the Power that be will give him his due punishment in this world!). I can understand the invasion of Afghanistan due to its clear link to Al Qaeda which masterminded the attack and destruction of the iconic World Trade Centre in New York and killing those 3000 or so innocent people.

The Republican presidential candidate is closing both eyes on the fact that President Obama inherited the economic and financial mess which started during their administration (Obama started with a high handicap!). But I am sure many thinking Americans will see this selective amnesia referred to by some people as “Romnesia.

I see Americans as more decent people under Obama. In fact I have great faith and hope for America to lead the economic recovery in the world and to ensure a safer world through its pragmatic and forceful yet fair foreign policies.

Happy voting America and please give Obama a second chance to show what a great president he is for America and for the world.


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