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I learned about the two alleged Malaysian terrorists arrested in Lebanon from a Facebook posting of an American friend. He was lamenting why it had to be Malaysians yet again being infamously associated with the terrorist group the Al Qaeda? He was concerned as his wife is a Malaysian Malay whose relatives often visit them before. According to him it has become difficult for Malaysian travellers carrying Arabicised names to enter US as they would be subject to full (body) check ups and made to answer all sorts of questions.

I remember, following the 9/11, the entry visa to the US was made more stringent and what took less than a few minutes before became a few weeks and people with names like Ramzi and Yusof had real hard times trying to get the entry visa. In fact one of our engineers was refused the visa and we suspected because of his name and the goatee beard he sported during the visa interview. Suddenly everything was topsy turvy. The traditional trust has vaporised.

A Goatee could be mislabelled with your Arabic-sounding name.

My Malay friend who was travelling to US with a Chinese companion had experienced first-hand discrimination when he was stopped and grilled at the airport whereas his fair companion was let through easily. The Black female immigration staff was almost vicious in her questioning, looking very suspicious, sour and irritating. Following that nasty encounter, he swore he would never set foot in the US ever again.

Things have somewhat calmed down after 11 years following 9/11 and the Bali bombing ( the mastermind were Malaysians!) in 2002 till this latest event. The bloody men (Gosh! I cannot afford to be polite here), if found guilty, should be incarcerated in that Middle-Eastern country’s jail.

A 16-year old boy’s simple take on terror.

Why are we famous for drug mules,credit card fraudsters and terrorists?? . All of them are the scum of our society. They damage our international reputation and make life difficult for bona fide travellers like most of us.

By the way, I have always been worried about those religious schools churning out straight As’ students and who are later not employable. Who was the education Minister when all these “Arabicisations” were carried out back in the late seventies? Who established the first school for girls whose uniform was the compulsory hijab? Who was it who got the fund from that wealthy Arab country practicing the most fundamentalist of Muslim faith, the Wahabbism, to Islamise our education system? Yes, he is now trying to portray himself as a different person and sadly many people, even the Americans (remember Al Gore, the 2000 Democrat presidential candidate?) are fooled by this man. And some people say he is Malaysian hope for democracy! I say he is a bloody hypocrite. A charismatic devil to boot!

The root and spirit of the so-called Jihad and seeds of terrorism were sown 30 years ago in Malaysia when Revivalism of Islam was not embraced as the Renaissance towards an improvement of the ummah instead it took on as a movement towards belligerence and isolation and against almost everything that is worldly. Muslim women were “put” in their “right” place and inadvertently they succumb to this foreign subtle gender bias/segregation. They don’t have to but their irrational fear of hell (and perhaps peer pressure too) is so great that they tend to ignore the core pillars of the religion but instead focus on the form rather than the substance.

Will the culprit who pursued this religious trend to enhance his relentless political agenda please stand up!


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  1. As one of the products of a “religious school that churns out straight As’ students and who are later not employable”, I am quite shocked by your statement. Because as far as I am concerned, so far there is no straight As’ students from religious school ended up unemployed. Even for my school, the first modern Islamic school in Malaysia which was established in 1955, it has produced a lot of people who succeed in their fields (well, not all of them are straight As’ students). Politicians, CEOs, university professors and etc, you name it. I even know some who are teaching foreign languages like Japanese and French. I just want to let you know that in that religious school, we don’t just sit in the mosque reading the Holy Quran all day long and only learn Islamic studies (if this is what you have in mind, then actually you have mistaken. The kind of school that you have in your mind do exist, but it is not the “religious schools that churn out straight As’ students and who are later not employable”). We are no different from any other school. The only thing that makes the difference is that we learn a little bit more advance in Islamic studies and Arabic language.

    Therefore, I would like to know more detail, maybe a statistic or data about the straight As’ students from religious school who ended up unemployed. Or is it just some ‘racist’ comment you made with no concrete supporting fact?

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