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I was in Europe when the killing of J. Christopher Stevens, the American Ambassador occurred in Benghazi, Libya on September 13, 2012. The incendiary mob protest resulting in the senseless murder was due to a film made in America and uploaded on YouTube as Innocence of Muslims and of course I proceeded to watch the 14-minute trailer to find out what the anger was all about. I am sure many of you have also done so despite an attempt by Malaysian authorities to block the video.

At this point , no one seems to know where the rest of the movie is though a right wing Christian fundamentalist by the name of Steve Klein is said to be promoting it.

I don’t know about you but I found the trailer not only insulting and humiliating to the Prophet Muhammed, revered as the messenger of God by all Muslims but more so to the followers of this great and much maligned religion. The depiction of Muhammed as a person born out of wedlock,a womaniser,gay,sexual pervert,killer of innocent men,women and children and an oppressor of Christians and Jews, among others, is doubtlessly designed to provoke the Muslims and sow hatred among the people of this planet and sustaining the prevalent distrust.

Apparently the original movie, entitled “The Desert Warrior” was said to be badly filmed and later many voice overs made throughout were dubbed into existing scripts to portray  Muhammed atrociously  and it seemed the actors were not even aware that the movie was subsequently renamed to become anti-Islam.

If the Muslim extremists, the likes of Bin Laden are considered terrorists, killing and maiming innocent lives, the maker of this disgusting film who goes by the name of Sam Bacile (a pseudonym with many other aliases) and actually has been identified as Nakoula Besseley Nakoula and a convicted bank fraud who is an Egyptian Coptic Christian, is surely the worst scam artist who terrorises through social media.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula alias Sam Bacile, the film-maker in an oversized coat,hat, scarf and glasses being escorted by police officers in US  on 16 Sept 2012… can he hide forever?

He was reportedly not even born in America and for Muslims around the world to vent their fury on Americans is indeed deplorable and killing a diplomat who is supposed to promote and maintain  good relations between countries is to me, going too far. Ironically, had Gaddafi been alive, this storming of the US Consulate building and the subsequent killing might not have taken place on account of the pre-revolution’s tighter police control.

I am most upset watching and hearing about the vengeance and brutalities against people who have nothing to do with the film. The response demonstrated an highly unbridled emotion and poor riot control by local enforcement authorities. At the same time, the trailer  has also successfully  provoked Muslims to appear as violent and bloodthirsty. It was timely released around the 9/11  eleventh anniversary giving fundamentalists on both sides an opportunity to launch a macabre celebration.

I feel “Sam Bacile”,  whatever his name is should be arraigned  for his act of social terrorism. He incited hatred and inflamed the sensitivities of Muslims the world over and innocent lives are lost as a consequence and so he should be charged as a terrorist. He cannot escape justice in the name of free speech and freedom of expression as his action  is an overt  form of terrorism, a classic practice of hate crime.

In the name of freedom of expression, by the way, can anyone shout the word “fire” in a crowded theatre just for fun?


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