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An Olympic achievement is the ultimate in non-commercialised sports. This is the platform where athletes the world over come together to compete and be recognised as the best in their chosen games. Though the spirits of the games is based on international participation and that winning, while pursued, is not all that matters, representing your country is good enough as you would have met certain required standard set by the International Olympics Council (IOC).

Malaysia has never won a gold in any event at the Olympics games. But we Malaysians always know that badminton   is our best bets for the coveted medal. And somehow most of us Olympics fans in Malaysia are conscious that in our Lee Chong Wei, an internationally-seeded player, we have the best chance of getting that gold. Tonight, I learnt that he is going into the final for men’s single with Lin Dan of China here  . God, do I pray that he would get that elusive GOLD! We all know that Chong Wei had a bad ankle injury last May 2012  while playing during the Thomas Cup tournament in Beijing. So far he has gallantly fought on and I for one am very proud of this gutsy young man.

Chong Wei, our nation Olympic GOLD medal hope.

As I watched him compete, I imagined what tremendous pressure he was under as the bearer of hope for this 23 Million nation. His winning the GOLD would be a boon for Malaysia and even for the present government that has spent so much money to train him. The feel good factor would and could give PM Najib a much needed boost to celebrate and help him in the coming 13th General Election [ don’t be angry my friends in the opposition, I am only expressing my thoughts freely here  😉 ]

A public holiday would be a good way of national celebration ( my apology to all employers) but really how often does a country get a gold at the Olympics? Think of the populous Indonesia, India and Egypt, how many GOLD have they got so far in the present Games? ” NONE”  is the swift answer. If Chong Wei managed to get that medal, Malaysia will be up there in the Olympics list of  “elite” sporting countries.

But seriously, I pray for Chong Wei to succeed in getting the GOLD so that he can inspire young generations of Malaysians to pursue their ambition and aim for the best not only for our country but at the international level as well. Currently much emphasis is put on spiritual achievements and children as young as six or seven are trained to think more about the Hereafter much to the detriment of the country struggling to stay competitive in the globalised world and increase the quality of life for its people.

Chong Wei, your dream to get that GOLD is our dream as well. I hope you will be able to realise it. We are proud of you comes what may and dare I say, Ahem…. “Mr Lin Dan, you have already got GOLD in the last Olympics games in Beijing 2008… mind that now is Chong Wei’s turn at glory (read Malaysian)?”

May this Olympic Games be historic for Malaysians.

May the London 2012 Olympics be a historic one for us all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion and political differences. Let us put our hands together in prayer that Chong Wei  will succeed and give something for our Nation to celebrate.


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