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I watched, fascinated with the graciousness of Queen Elizabeth II during the 1000-strong flotilla on the river Thames on Sunday 03 June 2012 in conjunction with her Diamond Jubilee Celebration, on the BBC . It has been 60 years since she ascended to the British throne in 1952.

The Queen remained standing throughout the river Thames pageant

She is now a sprightly 86-year old lady monarch. Ever so well-dressed and elegant without a walking stick, ever so dignified;  she portrays a picture of health and happiness at the pageant.

I noticed that no  known British politicians on either divide, was on her entourage as she stepped into her royal barge, the Spirit of Chartwell, with two large red seats taking up the vantage front view. No, she did not sit even for one minute on the special chair. She stood throughout the boat ride occasionally waving to her adoring people lining up the river bank and on those bridges across the river Thames.

The people were standing and so would she! She is certainly moving with the time and earning the affection of the majority of her people.

The royal barge-Spirit of Chartwell leading the 1000 strong flotilla.

The people turned out in full force (estimated to be about one million) to celebrate this historic event, waving colourful flags singing,dancing,drinking,eating, painting and saluting.  a kind of a grand day out for individuals and families. The atmosphere must have been electric with specially made bells ringing not only during the flotilla but throughout the country.

Her Majesty’s patriotic subjects.

The weather was initially fine and later it rained and I noticed the Queen was holding her own umbrella on disembarking the boat.

What I saw was a truly gracious royalty deserving of love,respect and loyalty. Her lack of ostentatiousness is endearing.  This is someone whose upbringing and experience on the job has put her in really good stead with her people.

The separation of royalty and politics in such an occasion bodes well for a country whose population are generally aware of their rights and can certainly be critical of the monarchy without fear of being arrested for sedition.

The Queen has also managed to avoid personal scandals throughout her reign and it’s proven to be  an advantage for her except perhaps during the time around Princess Diana’s death in 1997,  but since then her popularity  with the people has recovered and even increased.

A truly admirable monarch who is very much at ease with her position as a Constitutional Head ( and Head of the Commonwealth) who does not involve herself in matters beneath her like dealing with business or competing in bidding with her people for exceptional car registration number plate or public contracts. There is also no hint of her ever siding with any political party. Can we say the same about the situation in Malaysia?

Imagine the local scene. I am ashamed to even talk about how these so-called royalties are behaving and yes, I am also mindful of being overboard when touching on this sensitive area. After all, I am not living in such an open society as the UK where freedom of expression is deemed as a virtue. Notwithstanding, I cannot help but compare the graciousness of the Queen of England with our local royalties.

Her Majesty Elizabeth II, a truly admirable Queen

I salute you Ma’am. And may your reign be long and healthy. Happy Diamond Jubilee.

Hearty-looking Prince Phillips, Duke of Edinburgh with his grandson, Prince Harry at the pageant on 3 Jun 2012

(Just heard about the Queen’s consort, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillips being admitted to the hospital for a bladder infection. He also stood with the Queen throughout the pageant  and at nearly  91  it could have taken a toll on him. Wishing him a speedy recovery as he has been a pillar of support to the Queen)

(All photos are credits of The Daily Mirror UK)


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