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Some of you must have read about what a couple of groups have done to intimidate/frighten/humiliate Ambiga, the lady lawyer who is the co-chairman of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) , BERSIH which is pressing for electoral reforms in Malaysia. Some man  also has the audacity to suggest that Ambiga’s citizenship  be stripped. Who the hell does he think he is?

Ambiga receiving an award of International Women of Courage on March 11 2009 from Hilary Clinton, the US Secretary of State.

The first group of so-called  “affected Kuala Lumpur traders” during the recent BERSIH 3 protest  set up “unlicensed” burger stalls in front of Ambiga’s house and the second, consisting of some  15 elderly veterans here came  to demonstrate their “butt-gyrating” prowess at the same place. These two events are designed to do nothing except bullying a woman.  Shame on these pathetic bullies!

Why didn’t they do the same thing in front of Anwar Ibrahim’s  house? It was Anwar and his coalition party members who “instigated” the violence and chaos at the recent BERSIH 3 demonstration. Why didn’t they? Because they are cowards and bullies as simple as that. They even announced  their religious persuasion to make a point and in the process denigrating it.

I fully agree with the write-up here regarding the two childish events. Would the police step in to arrest people who come to protest in front of a government Minister’s house? These events have certainly set an ugly precedent.

The President of the veterans’ association  said that Ambiga had tarnished the image of Malaysia by organising the BERSIH demonstration but what he fails to realise that his group’s action has exposed Malaysia to global ridicule. He behaves like ” a  frog under a coconut shell”, obviously oblivious of  the widespread cry for social justice and fair elections the world over. The way he is reported to have threatened  Ambiga  clearly shows what a bloody bully he is! Come to think of it, he actually behaves like a gangster.

It does appear as if the “supporters” of  this current government are uneducated, intolerant and crude. It is advisable that  PM Najib distance  himself from these veritable  “pariah”.

Malaysia wants to be recognised as the leader in the quest for moderation and yet some people are showing utter disregard for  freedom of expression and demonstration and want to stamp it out through bullying action. Fancy an ex-army veteran association using threat to silence fellow Malaysians!

Ambiga is not just any woman. Any maltreatment of her by any quarters in this country will be seen as unacceptable by the international communities. It is wise of Najib and that Minister of Home Affairs to take note of this.


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