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Please do not get me wrong. I have nothing against LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transsexual) as I think this Nature-induced and partly environmentally-induced “phenomenon” has existed since time immemorial but has, in this 21st century become a relentless movement born out of man’s quest for rights,equality and acceptance as opposed to mere tolerance or worst still, utter disgust.

I also believe most people in this “category” ( pardon me if I sounded  politically  incorrect) have been oppressed or repressed in their respective communities  for so long that they have become creative individually and as a group to “survive” and with technological advancements  in the  forms of the internet and the ubiquitous social media networks, are able to muster strength and community,country and now global support for their “choice” of lifestyle and freedom to practice their sexual orientation and be open about it.

These LGBTs are usually creative and now vocal in the name of “human rights”. Their “social separation and stigmatization” are now seen not unlike “social apartheid” and therefore to be condemned. It is common to see members of this category now in politics  ( some are influential politicians and public administrators), the judiciary and the arts,  particularly in the so-called “advanced ” countries of the West. In the past we’ve only heard of openly gay artistes like Rock Hudson, Elton John and Freddy Mercury who were known then ( more than 30 years back ) as homosexuals.

As they need to engage the larger public, LGBTs are veritably vocal and demonstrative and so you see thousands of them get together to demand for their “rights”. The LGBTs in the communication and technological fields escalate the “cry” for equality so much so that they seem to overwhelm the “silent majority” who I must say are “caught with their pants down”. Why do I say this?  Because in those “politically correct” countries like Great Britain, Western Europe,US and Australia, it is just not “culturally” appropriate to oppose this  lifestyle choice. They are also human beings, it is just that they ( those who are not “hermaphrodites” or genetically “abnormal”) choose not to perpetuate their genes  as  per  “God’s” command , “….. Go  forth and multiply “.

And so these LGBTs seem to be everywhere and appear to be  solidly strong politically, remember this is a democracy where every eligible vote counts. And so since that United States of America (US) is going to elect its President this coming November 2012, Obama here , in his quest to get re-elected for the second term, has come forward to support ” gay marriage” knowing full well that, this  “unholy” union is in the long run and on a  wider scale, going to have wide-ranging social effects and impact on the population ( I am thinking in terms of  generations, guys). It could be 1 in 500,000  now but with time it could end up with  1 in 500 and that surely would spell the end of humanity on this planet. ( I am no Statistician and so may sound  ludicrous and outrageous 🙂 )

Good on you Obama. The first sitting President of the most powerful country on Earth to do so much to the delight of LGBTs the world over. Obviously your political advisers are quite calculative , seeing that the Republicans are quite “weak” at the moment. I hope the “conservative ” voters’ backlash would not send you to the dump because I kind of like you. Would Obama come out in the open to support the “minority” LGBTs had the Republican candidate  been a strong and winnable one? I doubt it.

A politician often plays , rather unashamedly,  to the gallery.

I have come across “hermaphrodites” and my heart goes out to them and I have met with transsexuals and I feel for them when they are “hounded” by some  thoughtless Malaysians. I have read and seen TV documentary about  the Hijra of India and feel silently distraught  at how they are being treated. But   I stop short of gay “married couples” adopting or having “children through  “surrogate” means. Why can’t they  leave children alone till the time they are sufficiently mature to choose? This has been nagging at my conscience.

If you as “gay” people are now allowed to “legally”  have same-sex marriage, knowing full well you cannot, out of your “union”,  produce biological children, why shouldn’t you allow  children to have the  “choice” of living in the mainstream family setting?

Mother, I miss you!

By the way, I thank the Almighty (Nature) for blessing the union of my father and my mother, to create me. And I can wish my mother “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” today 13 May . I would not be what I am today if not for my mother whose maternal instinct has nurtured  me to love, care and succeed and  work  to ensure a safe and caring future generation.

To all Mothers of the world, “Happy Mother’s Day” and no words could  ever  describe your loving sacrifice for your children.


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  1. Um. Thank you for your support for transsexual people; but gay people make good parents, the studies show, despite disapproval from large sectors of society. Allowing gay people to marry makes a few people very happy and harms absolutely no-one. Allowing them to adopt gives a more stable home to a child who would otherwise not have one.

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