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One cannot help but notice the silence treatment Najib gives to PPSMI reinstatement’s call and that persistent calls for review of the seemingly lopsided deal between MAS and Air Asia. No words have come out from him publicly on the issue of the so-called airlines collaboration. Obviously the people who make noise regarding the two issues are deemed not influential or important enough to change the outcome of the 13th General Election results.

Najib -eerily silent and so it is and so be it.

Who are the people who wanted PPSMI to be reinstated? The educated,urban,socially-conscious and globalisation-savvy citizens and who are the people who are not happy with the unfair share swap between MAS and Air Asia? Yes, it is likely to be a similar group of people ( not the same but similar in awareness and a sense of fairness). The less educated kampong (rural) folk who make up the majority of UMNO supporters are just not bothered.

PPSMI has currently remained abolished as we now care to acknowledge and so too would MAS-Air Asia share swap deal not be reviewed. It’s a done deal people. With CIMB brokering the deal, Najib is in the thick of things for all we know.

And so say what you like PM Najib is not going to review this share swap deal as many of us would have wanted. I feel deeply sorry for those MAS employees who have been loyal to the company all these years since the establishment of the company in 1972 only to be treated shabbily by politicians who should know better. They have worked hard all these years and have won several international awards besides promoting Malaysia as a tourism destination.

The failure of privatisation of MAS during Mahathir’s era and successive bad management was actually the start of MAS’s woes. And The establishment of Air Asia in late nineties and the later management of it by the audacious Tony Fernandes and the decline of the global airlines industry following 9/11 seal MAS’s fate.

For people who have a strong sense of dislike against unfair (corrupt) practices, we join in the arena to express our unsolicited views, granted many of us do not really have the full facts of the case. Our perception disturbs us and our conscience would not let us keep quiet.

Should those who make decisions listen to or care to address the controversial issues at hand, then we are rewarded and feel vindicated in some ways.

For my blog readers who would like to follow up on the MAS-Air Asia share swap saga, I would like to give you links here and here and here and my favourite one here which give you more information and arguments to help you decide and reach your own conclusions.

People must not remain silent on issues gnawing at our sense of justice and fair play. We must make our voice heard especially through the ballot box. We must not let politicians with self-interests rule over us. Malaysia will be a better society when served by sincere politicians and not those with a lot of skeletons in their closets!


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