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Non-mainstream media news portals and the bloggers’ community are talking about the grape vine’s whisperings on possible review of the MAS-Air Asia share swap here. All are hoping that this lopsided deal would be terminated as Air Asia is seen to be using MAS (Malaysian Airlines) which is a government-linked company (GLC) for “milking” purposes.

People are unhappy with this kind of incomprehensible “strategic alliance” of competitors in the same industry. How could the budget airlines that is Air Asia help MAS to boost its income (read profit) since they are doing the same business? Targeting more or less the same passengers? And worst still and quite often, Air Asia with its hidden charges ends up pricing its ticket close to the full service flights offered by MAS!

Indeed Air Asia’s tagline, “Now everyone can fly” is a hollow gimmick. FireFly, a MAS’s full service short haul fleet could have done the same and yet a lot better with passengers having access to the aerobridges unlike Air Asia where passengers have to walk a long way in the sun or rain…”Now everyone can walk”! Tony just refuses the use of the bridges in order to, what else, but make more profit.

Do any of the government ministers or the Khazanah’s chairman, Azman Mokhtar, ever fly with Air Asia? PM Najib should try and experience the adventure of everyone can fly. Dare I pledge to slaughter 10 goats and feed the poor if he ever does?

People like Najib who fly by private jet will never ever know how is it to travel in a budget airline and going through that uncomfortable LCCT.

MAS-Air Asia Share-Swap signing ceremony- A BLACK DAY for MAS and Malaysian tax payers

Now,the people who are the architects and supporters of this blatant share swap deal have said that both MAS and Air Asia would benefit through sharing of aircraft maintenance facilities and other services as well as optimisation of flight route rationalisations.

What has, in reality, happened is, Air Asia ended up getting the most profitable routes and increase their profit. Take for example the cessation of FireFly services from Peninsular to Sabah (a very profitable route!) following the bloody share swap in the last quarter of 2011. Then Air Asia in the same quarter report announced the sudden increase in passenger volume (read profit). Now tell me at whose expense was that increase made? No prize for your correct answer.

And by the way, East Malaysians (BN’s election fixed deposit) do miss FireFLY! They also suffer from reduced MAS flights to their states following the so called rationalization exercise. Looks like the “fixed deposit” is taken for granted to enrich Tony Fernandes.

What a joke! Because Tony Fernandes, now sitting on MAS board of Directors by virtue of the share swap deal, is supposed to help “ailing” MAS turn around, instead he bloody f#%*s it around! (pardon my coarse lingo).

Think again people, MAS is a GLC and thus funded by us tax-payers and through share swap a private company run by this devious man is given access to unlimited fund should his airline go south like most airlines in the world today. Why should we “bail out” a private concern? We have our sickly MAS to look after.

The “coffee shop” talk is referring to the massive loan Air Asia has with CIMB (another GLC) and should it default on this, the bank would be directly affected and so some “fixer’ minister worked out this share swap deal to help the bank recover the loan. Sounds incredible but highly plausible if you scrutinise the players in this disadvantageous- to- the government’s deal. Guess, who is the CEO of CIMB bank? No wonder the people feel a sense of betrayal. The share swap also causes almost all (20,000) loyal MAS employees to feel angry and disappointed with the Najib’s government.

The people’s perception on MAS-Air Asia share swap is one of contempt. Contempt for the people who are supposed to look after the interests of the government and tax payers but have failed to do so and contempt for politicians who have allowed this treason-like action to prevail though we do know that some government representatives are also unhappy with this callous decision here

People are waiting for PM Najib to be decisive on this share swap deal fiasco and revert MAS to its former self with its dignified staff and service. Remember even Singapore Airlines is currently making losses but they don’t go around share-swapping with some private airlines company ostensibly to turn around their business. There are more intelligent men and women with integrity in the Island State with regard to protecting their “national treasure” that is Singapore Airlines.

I (and many others) pray that PM Najib’s decision will override private interests and will function to serve the wider public who are his party’s electorate. The earlier the share swap is unwound the better it is for Najib’s image in the upcoming general election will be.

One more thing, Tony Fernandes should be made to sell back the MAS shares at the same price he acquired them some months ago. He should not make a profit out of some buggers’ stupidity ( or was it a clever masquerade? or as the Malays refer to as a “wayang sandiwara“? )

You be the Judge.


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