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Decisiveness is the ability to decide correctly and in a timely manner. Some people decide fast but inappropriately or wrongly and so the decision could be seen as lacking considerations and wisdom. People who decide fast on what to do are those who are clear in their mind and comfortable with themselves and having the support from people who matter.

A decisive leader is invaluable for any organisation or country.

Indecisiveness is annoying

Some leaders decide one thing today and only to change it the next day. This fickle mindedness or colloquially known as flip-flop is poor leadership. Remember the ex-Prime Minister the sleepy Abdullah Badawi? flip-flopping his way to a disastrous 12th general election results which led him being asked to step down.

Leaders who are fickle-minded usually do not consult the right people before they make the decision. Another reason is because they themselves are not conversant with the potential effects of their decision. And yet others who fail to make decision because they worry sick about what the response would be. These leaders are scared to rock the boat for fear of being unpopular. They lack the confidence to act.

Some leaders are scared to make certain decisions because they see elements of their own weakness being pried open and expose them to ridicule and contempt. They would rather let issues run their course and hope that people will eventually forget. Not making decision is, in fact, a management option.

Recent developments in the country illustrate decisiveness and indecisiveness in action. Look at the recent high-handed last-minute ban on Erykah Badu’s concert for some symbol issue. Holy cow! It was decisive alright much to the chagrin of music lovers and the liberals. To me the government was just scoring points. They want to show they are as religiously correct as the bloody and noisy PAS youth.

When comes to the Minister whose family has been happily scrounging on tax-payers money, there is no effort to persuade her to step down instead she is allowed to use Wanita UMNO that she heads as an emotional shield unashamedly. The controversy drags on and public outcry for her to resign was ignored and people are left wondering how could the leadership have allowed the situation to fester. No decisiveness shown.

Non-mainstream media and bloggers’ community express their dismay at PM Najib for his sheer lack of action. I think his gentleman nature prevents him from dealing a blow to Shahrizat, the said Minister. Najib is too gentlemanly to act thus. But in politics, if you don’t have that killer instinct you are deemed as a mediocre leader lacking guts! A fair weather leader who appears good only because the country is resource-rich.


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