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” A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year of the Water Dragon 2012″- Net Image

Wishing all my blog visitors Gong Xi Fa Cai! Yes, this year is especially auspicious in the Chinese calendar, being the lunar year of the Dragon (HAIL THE MIGHTY DRAGON!)

Being a Dragon child had indeed placed a lot of stress on me as I was supposed to achieve great things in life. Though I do not quite believe in the horoscopes and would try to avoid reading them but sometimes curiosity got the better of me. Like a restless teenager , I want to know how I am being described as a character and my fortune foretold, knowing there are millions sharing my birth year in this Great Planet!

My New year (2012) horoscopes (horrorscopes) below..and my own response in blue.

Quote “The Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance (ask my friends not my staff) and ambition (Am I, like others, not extremely ambitious?). They are driven, unafraid of challenges ( scary but true!) and willing to take risks ( so much so that I end up gaining less on DJI than I should!). They are passionate ( Yep, till it hurts!) in what they do and they do in grand fashion ( you could say that again!).

While Dragons frequently help others,rarely will they ask for help (too proud!). Dragons prefer to be alone ( I agree ). Dragons have tempers that can flair fast! (You should see me hissing smoke!). Success comes easy for Dragons( not that easy, but succeed I did!).

You will be rewarded as the fast pace suits you well ( yes, it does, much to the chagrin of others!). Do be cautious with money making schemes ( overcautious you might say!). Good progress with career and financial fronts ( this I must believe!). Avoid arguments ( Arrrgh… I can’t help this). Dragons are compatible with the Monkey or Rat (Gees…) and incompatible with the OX ( Oh no… the love of my life!)” Unquote.

A good way to look at this is to imagine that you have all the positive attributes and mentally work towards realising your dreams. Whenever you falter and fall you should get up come back to recall those traits and try again and again and indeed, perseverance usually pays in any field you choose.

Looking back in my immediate family circle, I am the most successful academically and professionally. Does that have anything to do with my being a Dragon? No one can tell. Only a down and out Dragon can share his life story and expunge the myth of being born in a Dragon year!

By the way, I have another Dragon in the family, dear me! This one is more tenacious in his pursuit to be successful. In fact he has overcome extreme odds and tribulation to be where he is today and we can only pray that he continues riding on the mythical Dragon and Good Fortune follows him wherever he goes just as it does me all these years.

Yes, I love being a Dragon.


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