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Many concerned Malaysians are watching closely the saga of the Cow Family, an infamous label given to the family of the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, Senator Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Her family’s conduct in the RM250m government loan at an extremely low interest rate to operate a cattle-farming business under the name of National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) is currently being investigated.

Following disclosures by the opposition of the loan’s misuse and abuse to benefit her family, instead of stepping down gracefully, this woman went on to trumpet that she had nothing to do with the mess excreted (for want of a better word) by her husband, the executive chairman of the corporation and their children, none of whom has a degree in accountancy,as high-salaried directors.

She goes on to babble that the opposition is scared of the strength of Wanita UMNO (Women Wing), of which she is the Head and so has singled her out and attacked her and her family to gain a political advantage. Jesus Christ! Does she think she can hide behind the party for the unethical and atrocious corruption that her family committed? This is a typical person who, being a lawyer by training, would look at the technical angle of the controversy and harp on it to confuse people. She made a pathetic figure in attempting to act as if nothing had happened at the recent UMNO Meet.

I am not an opposition lover but I think they are vital in exposing this kind of corruption at the high level. In the past the Auditor-General would make negative comments on certain projects but if they are related to the government politicians, there were no follow-up. This time around the people who make up the opposition are more knowledgeable and they simply embrace this negative report and delve into it further and dig out more mess it is hiding.

And so Shahrizat, as the wife of the Chairman of NFC, don’t tell us that you have nothing to do with the corporation. Do you really think your mere lecturer of a husband would get the massive loan at an incredibly low interest rate, without your political influence? Of course there would be no record of your being there at the moment of the cabinet approval of the loan. But we are not stupid.

But really the whole controversy is not about the loan approval. The issue is about how the highly decadent family has abused the terms of the loan, using our money (tax payers) for their personal benefit: buying luxury condos,luxury cars and luxury holidays and transferring the fund to other non-related businesses in Singapore as reported widely in the non-mainstream news. On top of that, the target of the project is not achieved (ref: Auditor-General’s Report 2010)

The latest revelation is on how Shahrizat’s husband could have paid someone ( a con man) more than RM1.5m to bribe the police so that the latter would not investigate the NFC brutally. This latest exposure is hitting hard at the credibility and integrity of the Cow Family of which Shahrizat is a member, whether she likes it or not. This attempt to muzzle the enforcement personnel is too much for Najib’s government. Cool as Najib appears to be he must have been rattled especially after the Anwar sodomy II not guilty verdict on 09 Jan 2012 fresh on his mind.

Shahrizat as a (non-elected) member of the cabinet cannot be present to listen in to what the cabinet is discussing on her family. And after much behind-the scene cajolery, finally she is applying for leave here ostensibly to facilitate the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council or MACC to conduct their investigations and giving a breather to her exasperated colleagues.

Shahrizat Jalil-Technically right but morally wrong so far

Shahrizat you may be technically right for not having anything to do with the messy corporation your husband leads but you are surely morally wrong for being linked personally with this corrupt business because you are politically connected to the government which approved the massive loan in the first place. It is hard not to believe that you must’ve somehow benefited from the corrupt activities.The right thing to do is to submit your resignation as a Minister and face the music with your family, as an ordinary citizen.

Take an extended break lady. In fact it is better that you don’t come back from your leave. Step down please and step down gracefully and save Najib’s government from further embarrassment. You are a political liability to UMNO and to BN, period.


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