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Just 40 minutes ago I received an SMS regarding the verdict of an acquittal for Anwar Ibrahim. What an anti-climax for his supporters! Almost everyone was expecting a guilty verdict after Anwar “lambasted” the trial judge and wanted to recuse him for being “bias” in his comments regarding Saiful, the accuser and alleged sodomy victim, being a truthful and credible witness during the trial.

Looks like Najib and his government has to adopt Plan B now for the upcoming 13th General Election!

The prosecution’s appeal will take time and the tactical time is after the GE.

Well, good for Anwar and his supporters and now the world knows that our court is not influenced by the government and yet I have this nagging feeling that the way the whole thing was handled by the prosecution had raised a lot of queries and created reasonable doubt. On technical ground, evidence can be demolished by a good defence.

But look at the editorial of this foreign online newspaper here, the last line of the last paragraph sounded like a threat to me.

Do we need a leader who is indebted to and likely to be subservient to a foreign power?


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