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Firstly I would like to express the cliche, “Oh my, how time flies!”. It seems like only yesterday that I was wishing happy new year 2011 to everyone! But looking back there were so many things that have happened at the global,local and personal level over the one year period since 2011 gradually made its way into the consciousness of the world.

I remember watching the New Year celebration by time zone on CNN from the brilliant fireworks across the globe from Sydney to Hong Kong,Tokyo,London,New York,Moscow and Buenos Aires and this evening I would do the same.

Some years ago I used to celebrate with friends,partying,eating and drinking and welcoming the new year was more of a shared activity.But somehow over the years, all the boisterousness seems hollow and I would rather be on my own and reflect on the year that has gone and contemplate on the year that is being ushered.

As for my resolutions, I just want to make sure that 2012 is a healthier and wealthier year for me that means:

* Less sugar and fatty food intake
* No more blogging past midnight ( except for this last one 🙂 )
* More prayer to balance my life
* More caring for my loved ones
* Better communication
* More trust in my instinct as far as stock market is concerned
* More contrararian than moving with the flows
* More reading of books by various authors rather than sticking to a select few
* More saving and investment
* Less spending on unnecessary items
* More discipline with my time

Well guys, that’s about all I can think of at this “defining moment”, oh yes, less breaking of my resolutions like last year 2011…(about 5 minutes ago!)

Happy New year 2012 to everyone and may your life be blessed and your dreams mostly come true.

Google Celebrating The New Year 2012


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