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Exactly one year ago I posted about Khir Toyo,former Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of the state of Selangor being charged for corrupt practices. And yesterday 23 Dec 2011, he was convicted and sentenced to be jailed for 12 months and his corruptly acquired properties to be forfeited here and here. In simple terms, he bought a piece of expensive property at a grossly undervalued price from a contractor who had dealings with the then Selangor government that he led. A glaring conflict of interest and an abuse of position!

Khir Toyo - His conviction and Najib's steely resolve.

Khir Toyo would not have been able to acquire that property in such a manner had he not been the Chief Executive of the BN-led state with such a wide-ranging power of to who to award multi- million ringgit contracts to in the then economically vibrant state.

Remember, negotiated tenders were rampant and greatly abused by bloody greedy politicians. The people of Selangor did a great job by kicking out such a corrupt government! Only through that change in administration are we able to name and shame these cursed individuals. And most importantly get the evidence,charge them in court and ensure that they are appropriately sentenced.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council (MACC) needs to get that good evidence and stick to it and learn from previous lessons when evidence were thrown out of court due to their supposedly poor quality in relation to documentations or witnesses and the corrupt get away scot-free! In this instance, MACC must not rest on its laurels but instead must continue learning and training its officers to guard our nation against this social scourge. Consider your work as an ibadah (a good deed to be rewarded by the Almighty) for all Malaysians.

There are many more politicians,government servants and officers of the government-linked companies (GLCs) who are corrupt, and in sum total, they surreptitiously force the government and the rakyat (citizens) to bear the burden of high cost of living in this beloved country of ours.

Corruption contributes to the substandard general quality of life in Malaysia. Consider when a contract to a government agency which cost only RM4m is later changed to RM10m as the company has a partnership with a well-known politician! Consider when a service contract cost only RM2m and becomes RM5m when money is given to the politician to pressure civil servants to acquiesce to the former otherwise one’s promotion based on “suitability” would be affected! Consider when a serving politician’s family is given RM250m loan at a ridiculously low interest rate by the government, the terms of which are blatantly abused and what more, with no recorded productivity!

And consider when a contract has to be inflated many times just to make up for the RM3m difference the Selangor contractor had to fork out because he sold the property valued at RM6.5m for a measly RM3.5m to the Menteri Besar!! And think of the substandard works by the contractor, which were not properly supervised and later had to be rectified at a high cost to the government? All the money siphoned away by corruption could be used to enhance the quality of life of our poor, build more training facilities for our youth, improve the rehabilitation centres for drug addicts and set up good welfare centers for our senior citizens and modernize all our public hospitals and clinics.

Consider people, please consider. All the “supposedly resource-rich” but socio-economically failed and poor countries of this world have stories of ceaseless corruption. The corrupt and the powerful few cause so much misery to the large masses of their people. Nigeria,The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India and many others are examples where a great number of people suffer unnecessarily due to corrupt systems. Systems that are operated by corrupt politicians and administrators.

In no uncertain terms, we in Malaysia must strive to eradicate corruption at all levels to preserve social justice,promote social mobility through education and ensure fairness for and social well being of our people. Let our country’s wealth be equitably shared.

And so the conviction of corrupt politicians, the likes of Khir Toyo is a fine start to PM Najib’s government for getting a fresh mandate from the people on his leadership in the next 13th General Election. I for one am thinking seriously about giving PM Najib a chance. I have initially wanted to join those who intend to democratically topple this Federal government. Many parents, I gather, will move to support Barisan Nasional (BN)- National Front Coalition, unequivocally and right now if they restored PPSMI tomorrow! 😉

The next one to be investigated is the brazen SIL (son-in-law) of the former sleepy head PM Bodohwi. Wonder whether KJ (Khairy Jamaludin) is shitting in his pants right now. The alternative, if no “good chargeable evidence” could be found as the dirty traces have been wiped clean, is not to put him up as a candidate in the forthcoming GE (General Election)!


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