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I think many of us who follow the news on the rising scams perpetrated by foreigners in this country are truly fed-up with the authorities for their seeming lack of action. So I read with relief the news about the crack down on these scum here though this is not the first time such an action being taken, here. I think we are going to read a similar news report in 2012!

There are many sad stories of women, especially, who are duped into parting with their hard earned money in the thousands in these clever scams. Most of these women are educated, single and perhaps lonely for company here. Their gullibility is unbelievable. It is as if they have never read news reports of such fraud because it keeps on happening. Most of these cheating is about being friendly and greedy. The perpetrators are intelligent fraudsters who look for vulnerable victims and capitalise on the victim’s need for friendship/romance and natural human greed.

Their playing field is the internet as you can find many lost souls looking for relationship online. If only they exercise more caution and be aware that nobody would want to give them expensive gifts without getting something in return. Nothing is free in this materialistic world.

Now as for these scammers, many of them have entered this country using students’ visa, better monitoring of their class attendances ought to have been undertaken. Colleges which do not submit regularly this authenticated attendance report should be fined heavily or their licences revoked. Why do we have to wait till millions of dollars have already been lost before enforcing this requirement? This is the downside of a half-baked policy. The structures and processes dealing with accompanying issues are not laid out due to lack of alignment of services. When problems crop up, people are at a loss of finding implementable solutions.

These “students” many of them the highly recognisable Africans should be hunted down and deported to their countries. To prevent them from returning, our officials should be alert at all times especially on those arriving in the early hours of the morning at entry points.

I abhor racism and fraudsters alike. Just because I detest fraudsters doesn’t mean I hate Africans. Unfortunately numerous people from this continent have abused our hospitality. Quite often I read about the Minister of Higher Education saying we should not prevent these Africans from coming to study in our country,fine, but how many of them are actually “bona fide students? Have we ever taken the trouble to find out how many are actually studying and completing their courses?

Why do we let many of them come to this country after knowing what they have been up to? Why do we have to position ourselves as an international hub for education when we are in fact attracting such criminals to our shores? Why do we have to appear as if we are helping developing countries when the people from these countries are scamming our vulnerable citizens silly?

I say we boot them out and never let them return by making full use of the biometric system to detect fake identities. Our enforcement officers also need to be fully briefed on the effect of this fraud on our economy and society so that they will be motivated to tighten the porous entry points. Both male and female African “student” or “visitor” should be subjected to stringent checks. We cannot afford to be nice to these people. You go to America, see how US immigration treats you till such that you feel traumatised and swear not to go there ever!

Honestly, I am really riled up against these useless foreigners who make money so easily in the millions just by sitting in a room with a computer, a mobile phone and employing some bloody local accomplices! Though I have no known friends or relatives falling prey to these criminals, I feel we all should not stand around and let these “unwanted guests” continue committing crimes. They enter with our permission. We should stop giving permission to them. We have never heard of this kind of fraud before our country decided to let them come here, in good faith, about 10 years ago.

The gullible Malaysians are also not blameless. Their stupidity has caused them dearly and they deserved it for throwing caution to the wind. This is schadenfreude!

Whenever I come across an African anywhere in Malaysia, I cannot help thinking whether he/she is one of the unwanted students/visitors to this country. Call me anything you like but one can never let off one’s guard against these fraudsters. It is better to err on the side of caution.

We have enough social problems created by our own people and we certainly do not need these unwanted African “students” to worsen the situation. Their large presence on our campuses could possibly deter other international students from studying here.


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