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There is nothing else worth writing on the advantages of English as a global and scientific language. I have read numerous passionate letters and excellent articles related to the use of English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science and I am sure most of you have too.

I cannot help but feel that those recalcitrant politicians also know the supremacy of English as a language of instruction in technology subjects but they have chosen to ignore it for their political purposes and survival. Their misguided and arrogant conviction would prove to be costly for this country in years to come. They love their ideal more than their country.

I am therefore encouraged to read about our ex-visionary Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir who was instrumental in implementing the PPSMI policy, still talking about continuing it. He emphasised that science and maths are progressive and living subjects as opposed to history,geography and literature. You can read it here and his blog written in BM (Malay language) to convince the hesitant Malays, fearful of their language taking a back seat in the name of development.

Tun Mahathir -The Titan of PPSMI

Tun Mahathir is the Titan that can speak on any subject and be taken seriously by Malaysians. He is a Malay Nationalist, a true blue one if you cared to read about his pre-independence exploits and his tiffs with the first Prime Minister on the political and economic status of the Malays in this country.

His legacy will live on for generations as no Prime Minister of Malaysia has gone over an education policy cycle like he has. He was the Prime Minister when English, as a medium of instruction was ceased in 1982 and the same Prime Minister who foresees the need to reintroduce English in 2003 as a language in the teaching of maths and science. The advent of the internet in early 1990s has convinced him that Malaysians have to take giant leaps instead of baby’s steps towards embracing technology and achieving global prominence.

Whose vision was it that propels us into the world of information and communication technology? Even his detractors and political enemies admitted his farsightedness. I remember Uncle Kit (Lim Kit Siang of DAP, an opposition party) praising Tun in an ASTRO TV program on the latter’s singular achievement.

Tun is in his mid-eighties and I can understand his frustration and perhaps sadness and disappointment that the current crop of politicians have not seen it fit to go along with his vision of a competitive Malaysia through human capital development.

I hope Tun would write a memoir of his dreams and thoughts on PPSMI for future politicians to ponder and who knows there might come a leader who could unite all Malaysians and reverse the policy back to PPSMI in the future. As Tun says we cannot afford to be technology consumers indefinitely. We cannot go on buying outdated military technology and expect to protect our country. We need to have people who research, network, create,invent and innovate and English is the fastest vehicle to bring on and mould such people.

Yes, this is the Titan’s last stand in a fight for the future k-generation in Malaysia. I salute the Titan and he is in my prayer in the twilight of his life despite my occasional disagreements with his actions.



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