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The news article on the potential power of dark forces (witchcraft) over those photos posted in Facebook brought an early Monday morning smile that later turned into sadness and exasperation over those making such a linkage here . This kind of belief still exists in our society despite modern advancements in mental health, medical and scientific fields in general.

For Pete’s sake! People have walked on the Moon and are now preparing to go to Mars!

Coming from someone from a “respected” religion-linked organisation is, in itself, a tragedy as many people would take the least resistant path of believing in him rather than seeking treatment for their “internet/facebook” addiction. Yes, when a child threatens to kill himself because he is not allowed to surf the internet, he is displaying an addictive behaviour. He needs psychiatric help.

Thumbs up those of you who would want to spook Zhang Ziyi

If we go by the logic of the Chairman of the Association, then many people whose faces are in the news, online or otherwise, would be just as easily spooked. Like if one is hugely enamoured or greatly unhappy with, for example, President Obama, Anwar Ibrahim, PM Najib,Rosmah, Mahathir, Siti Nurhaliza, Zhang Ziyi, Jacky Chan, David Beckham whose photos are ubiquitous online, one could just, through the employment of dark forces, spook them! There is a host of other “vulnerable” people, politicians,celebrities, businessmen,women and others whose photos are readily available in the various media. Imagine the overtime work, 24/7, that the djins (spirits) have to do?

Making a statement that is unsubstantiated by an independent and verifiable evidence is pathetic. Though I suspect he has a good intention through meeting people who have sought his “treatment” for such a malady, in warning others of his conviction, albeit, misplaced. I suppose there are always suckers in this world and because of that you get the likes of the chairman who peddle their brand of treatment.

People who hog the social network media such as Facebook are those who post everything about their mundane daily activities and thoughts which attract responses from their myriad of “friends”. They appear to be escaping from the harsh circumstances of their life. They would check everyday to see what others are doing/saying and who would want to be their friends. They post umpteen pictures of themselves and chatter away, quite often, mindlessly. Then some of them get hooked with people who praise and spur them on and that is what they want, a sort of virtual recognition, to compensate for their deficiencies in real life. They gradually and eventually become intoxicated. Yes, in that instance you could say that the “djin” have got them!

Internet addiction is very real

When will these people learn that whatever happens to them on Facebook or other social media is the results of their own doing and not of others? Nobody and nothing can control your mind unless you allow them to (or being facilitated by certain drugs). There should be a balance between internet usage and your physical life.

You could be addicted to almost anything that give you pleasure, (and forget about your worldly problems), such as gambling,alcohol,cigarettes, psychotropic drugs, chocolate,sex,foods, internet,computer games, you name it.

There are some gruesome reports of internet addiction here.

There is a certain chemical in your brain that pours out whenever you experience pleasure and you would keep repeating any pleasurable action to let that “feel-good” chemical pour. As it keeps pouring the time will come when your brain will no longer be sensitive to it and you get depressed. Yes, depression will set in and at that point of time, you will need therapy, just like any addict does, and that is also the time when you get really spooked! Even without having a photo of yourself posted on your Facebook.

The moral of the story is “do pleasurable things in moderation” otherwise that “djin” (spirits) will hook on to you….

I am re-posting the news article below for those who have no time to go to the given link:


Monday November 14, 2011

Other News & Views
Compiled by Yvonne Lim

USERS of social media sites should not post their pictures online as they could be used for witchcraft, said Kelantan Darussyifa’ Islamic Medicine Association chairman Zaki Ya.

He said that djin (spirits) are able to “connect” with humans through the Internet, including Facebook, Sinar Harian reported.

“Once, I treated someone who became delirious because a spell had been cast on him while he was surfing the Internet,” said Zaki.

“A few days ago, I received an SMS from a father asking me to help his son who refused to go to school.

“The father suspected that his son had been influenced by a djin over the Internet,” he said when met at the USM Traditional Islamic Medicine Clinic in Penang.

He said the boy would create a fuss every time his parents forbade him from using the Internet and would even threaten to kill himself.

Zaki added that although he had not met the boy, he is confident that the Darussyifa’ Islamic Treatment centre could “heal” him.


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