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I am sick and tired of people telling others how to behave, what to do and even how to bloody think! These people want others to be like them, virtually dead in this world without actually being truly dead. Why can’t they keep their kind of morality to themselves and let others decide what is good and what is bad for us?

I am referring to the newspaper report today on the statement by Pahang PAS Youth Chairman,Shahril Azman Abdul Halim Al-Hafiz, against Elton John’s concert in Genting, Pahang on 22 November.

Elton John - His 1970s Iconic image

We are not into any criminal activities or socially unacceptable behaviours. We just want to enjoy listening to music by one of the most talented singer/composer the world has ever seen. What is wrong with that? Why do these self-styled moral guardians have to look beyond Elton John’s music? His lifestyle preferences are his personal choice just like free people who choose what religion they want to profess.

It makes me laugh that they support polygamy and tacitly agree with group sex and sodomy with their wives and designate these practices to be in sync with Malaysian culture… Oiii! Listen, Malaysia doesn’t belong to you nerds and jerks. Get a life!

More than 40% of Malaysians are not of your persuasion and so don’t tell them what to do! Leave them alone to enjoy what little world-class entertainment that comes their way. And by the way, most of the 40% do not subscribe to polygamy and group sex and so that is certainly not their culture!

Shahril Azman Abdul Halim Al-Hafiz ( PAS Pahang Youth Chairman ) - We respect your choice and you please respect ours.

Stop pontificating and go pray for your own salvation. Despite appearing religious with their middle eastern garbs and religious practices, the facts speak for themselves. Kelantan state which is ruled by their party,PAS has the highest divorce rate in Malaysia and the highest reported HIV cases (majority sexually-transmitted diseases) so people, go figure at this paradox.

PAS members like to “jaga tepi kain orang” ( look after other people’ affairs) but they themselves are lost in their own religious maze/deceit. They can’t even control the people in the State they administer and desperate enough to implement Huddud law and chain the people there mentally for life!

The social problems in this country are not going to increase by the visit and performance of Elton John. Those baby dumpers,rapists,murderers,drug addicts,drug mules, human traffickers, religious extremists and corrupt officials/politicians are far more dangerous to our youngsters than Elton John’s chosen lifestyle. PAS Youth is being selective here. They close their eyes to the rampant social problems in this country and focus on someone who is none of those scumbags just because he doesn’t subscribe to their sexual orientation. Why are they so paranoid about sex?

There is no extreme entertainment in Elton John’s music. In fact his songs are so melodious and evergreen for the last 30 over years that his fans can vouch to their wholesomeness. Songs like “Sorry seems to be the hardest word“, “Candle in the wind“, “The circle of life“, “I am still standing” and many more, they are nothing extreme unless of course PAS people are ignorant about Elton’s music in which case they have no business labelling his music as extreme entertainment.

We just want to watch Elton John perform here in Malaysia and we don’t want to know about his private life. I hope the government and the organiser will not bow to PAS Youth’s attention-grabbing demand to stop the world-loved musician from coming here.

I am straight but I love good music by anyone even those who are gay. I think I am like many Malaysians in this instance.

Elton John is coming to play his piano and sing and that's it.

The power that be, please let Elton John perform in Genting Highlands on 22 November 2011. It’s an experience of a lifetime for us his devoted fans in Malaysia.

Sir Elton John, Selamat Datang, Welcome to Malaysia!


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