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The late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a true military man to the end.

And so Colonel Gaddafi is dead. Killed. Another dispensable dictator.

This evening, 20 October 2011, the news of Gaddafi’s death has made its way around the globe. Cable news CNN, BBC and Aljazeera are full of it. They even show the video of the capture of the late President, down, alive and all bloodied and then later a picture of him laying horribly dead. I cringe at that picture and out of respect for the dead I will not want to post it here in my blog.

The jubilation of the revolutionaries, the people (as shown on TV) and the joy of the western power through NATO and even the UN that have supported the rebellion since day one following the revolt in Tunisia in January this year (2011) and the beginning of Arab Spring, are palpable. NATO’s seven months of bombing campaign of Libya (UN-sanctioned) has finally ended with the death of the dictator.

The indignity of his death at the hand of his own people is unnecessary had he accepted the offer of leaving Libya earlier on in the rebellion. But it was what he wanted, to die in his own country. Such is the ego of the man who wrested power from a hereditary ruler at the age of 27 as a military officer and stay on for 42 years but has never wanted to embrace democracy. He has had his time. He has had his way.

USA, Germany, UK and all of the West have never forgotten Libya’s earlier alleged sponsorship of international terrorism under Gaddafi. And so they waited for that crack in Libya’s dictatorial government and they go in, ostensibly to help Libyans achieve democracy, with a vengeance.

NATO's serial bombings of Libya

Could the rebellion have succeeded without an external intervention? I doubt it.

Much as I despise dictators, despots and non-constitutional monarchists, I am not at all comfortable with foreign invasion especially using highly sophisticated air power with their surgical strikes on critical installations and infrastructures. No country is safe from now on. In fact no one is safe since the invasion of Iraq. No thanks to ex-President Bush (2001-2009) whose legacy is the worst in terms of human sufferings. Only God of the Universe will judge him and the likes of Ben Ladin!

And later I heard a CNN commentator saying that the campaign was won without a single US soldier on the ground and that is what the fighting should be in the future. Not a single casualty for the invaders but thousands for the invaded. An eerie thought. The New World order.

Nobody gives anything for free in this world. Libya will have to pay for those “bombs” which help liberate them from a dictator. They will have no problem paying because they have what the West wants and plenty of it. You guess.

I am sure you are 100% right. And may God help the new Libya because she badly needs divine intervention this time around.

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