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As I was driving to work last Thursday I heard over the radio the banter of two DJs over a book written by the irrepressible Obedient Wives Club (OWC). They were asking their listeners to call in and give their views on air about what the book entitled ” Islamic Sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world” is “promoting”. Various listeners phoned in to give their views. One listener, calling himself Paul (a non-Muslim name) said he agreed with the book’s ideas on women’s subservient sexual role as a wife and a Muslim husband having group sex with his wives. All the while they were all laughing good-naturedly and joking on Paul’s rather unexpected views, prompting one of the DJs to finally ask (sarcastically) the caller “What’s your name again?”.

I don’t know whether you have all noticed that any topic related to sex is very popular with the public, at least as heard in the informal interactive public forum run by some broadcasting media and as seen in online news portals. I must say that this is not peculiar only to Malaysia but to other countries as well. Just visit the most viewed articles on online news portals. You will see the top three or four of the articles are on sex and violence (depending on the posting of the articles for that particular day). For example, today’s (15 Oct 2011 at 6.30am) most viewed articles on the popular Staronline are the following:

1.Naughty nurses-to-be skip class for sex party
2.Cabbie and d-ear wife make up
3.OWC sex book a cheap stunt, say women’s groups
4.Rape-cum-murder case fugitive nabbed for using fake ID
5.Teen who robbed and raped maid detained

Almost everyday the portal shows the same pattern on the most-viewed list. The readers’ obsession with sex seems relentlessly innate. You’d see a similar picture in popular online news portals in other countries.

Desperate for attention and as if on cue of this public hunger for sex news, the so called Global Ikwan’s Obedient Wives Club (2011) and the Polygamy Club (2009) are formed and act as a vehicle for them to dwell on the subject. And Hey Presto! They are always attention-grabbing: topics such as group sex, subservient women in sex (slaves /bondage), first class prostitutes and sex techniques, etcetera.

As long as that part of the brain is actively stimulating the sex hormones, the “normal” population will be attracted to news on sex. The degree of attraction will determine the line between the normal and the abnormal.

And so for as long as the public loves to read such topics, the group has found its mass audience. Of course there would be public outrage gleefully expressed but all the same OWC is in the news. That is their objective at the expense of the religion they profess to practice.

Behind the facade- OWC Sarawak Branch - photo credit: Borneopost

I see the club as a sad group of women with a misplaced conviction borne out of insecurity and loneliness. Behind that facade is a psychological minefield of repressed emotion. They claim to also open their membership to non-Muslim wives but the title of their book is on the contrary, inviting others to also fight the Jews to preserve Islamic sex?! I am speechless.

Characterising the Obedient Wives Club:

* Self-promotion/publicity-seeker/attention grabber
* Obsessed with sex/pornography
* Portraying women as sex objects
* Painting all men as sex-crazy
* Promoting sharing of a husband (polygamy)
* Plain crude/uncouth
* Bloody phoney(despite having professional women (doctors,lawyers,accountants etc)as members
* Pathetic/irrationally insecure
* Practicing racism (anti-semitism)
* A group of “legalised whores” and damned losers
* Mentally-colonised and in need of de-programming
* In the 10% mentally weird population of any society

There you are, my take on OWC and their pathetic idealism. I have not read their said book but like other similar books, it is best left unread. I would rather read the brilliant Harvard Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy’s book on Islam and Science – Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality and strive to stay rational.


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