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Look at these photos of people in various countries being charged in court. How and why do they differ from those two photos of cases charged in Malaysian court? Hint: This is the peculiarity of the Malaysian culture.

One of the three MACC officers charged for alleged robbery at KLIA, Malaysia

The two Malaysian policemen charged and later convicted with Altantuya's murder

Charged for defamation in Singapore

Charged for fraud in London

A paedophile charged in Bangkok

Charged for pornography in Indonesia

charged for murder in Bermuda

Charged for alleged rape in New York

Like those two convicted policemen-murderers of Altantuya, I bet we will never know how those three charged MACC officers look like being taken to court or even if after they are convicted and sentenced to jail.

We sure are different from our neighbours- Singapore, Thailand,Indonesia and those developed countries like UK and US. Those countries have a culture of openness for their criminals.We, in Malaysia, permit our charged criminals to be camera-shy. We hide their faces from the public. We care for their reputation. Without a shred of doubt, we are indeed a caring country 😦


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