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I beg to differ with people who think and believe that spending time in prison and call it a motivation camp can be educational for teenagers. In fact I am greatly appalled and I think they are taking it rather too farrr! (sic) What if the teenager were your child? Normally when you want to educate someone you would want to inculcate positive elements and not to shock them silly. Think of the trauma they have to endure at so young an age. Mental Health authorities should have been consulted before they run the so called motivation camp. I wonder how many mental health professionals would sanction this kind of shock therapy for teenagers.

Granted that those schoolchildren selected to attend the camp must have been identified by their respective schools for their negative characteristics but subjecting them to demeaning treatment and frightening experience, however well simulated, is gravely callous to say the least. Shame on the Education Department and shame on the Prison Department for being party to this “educational programme”. Surely there are other ways we can think of to help troubled kids. Why do we have to take the easy way out by sending them to be “educated” by prison warders who performed their task with such gusto?

Those who promote this kind of motivation are either childless or all their children have grown up so they can expect none of their children would have to go through this form of motivational treatment. I can name one veteran social activist and a certain NST journalist to be in this category. Looks like the word “empathy” is not in their vocabulary.

If camp organisers’ objective is to get 100% of those teenagers sent to this motivation camp to describe their experience as harrowing, then they have bloody well achieved it. I just wonder how many out of those children are traumatized for life. Doesn’t anybody care?

This kind of “reality show” just wouldn’t do. What kind of people who even thought of doing this?

Does anybody know which civilized countries in the world have conducted this kind of sadistic motivation camps for their teenagers? If you really want to create an awareness to these children, you might want instead to show videos of prisoners being treated in the manner as reported by the newspaper:

Quote “…so they were given crew-cut, stripped down to their underwear and handcuffed, just like what prisoners experience….”.

These handcuffs should never be used on a child under any circumstances!

Gripped with fear!

Would you like your son/daughter to go through this hellish experience? I for one will never subject mine however bad he or she is and shall seek legal redress if he/she is taken to be motivated in a prison without an informed consent. What happens if the child dies of fright? As usual most people especially of a certain faith will ascribe it as fated. Then we will never learn to correct blatant misdeeds.

So the teenagers were scared to death during their “imprisonment”? And you expect they would now be good citizens and not land themselves in prison later on in their life? Please someone do a prospective study on this and follow this cohort of students to determine the percentage of them becoming prisoners and compare to those students who did not attend the motivation camp, carefully selected as controls. Only then could you be objective in your assessment as to the success of the programme. Some university should take up this opportunistic study.

I would have thought the best way to approach this is to look at the types of young people who land themselves in prison. It is well known that people who are at high risk of landing in prisons are those with sociopathic, psychopathic characteristics and those with severe childhood traumas like child abuse, sexual assaults and coming from broken homes. With these people you may have to treat them with behavioral therapy or even medication to balance their brain chemical aberration. Shocking them in teenage years is not going to help. You may even make it worse. Talk of a caring society!

Malaysia is signatory to this UN sponsored international Convention

Well,all said, however good and noble the intention of the people who organize this “reverse educational programme”, it is not justifiable to subject those mere kids to horrendous treatment and harrowing experience. Isn’t our country signatory to the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? . I believe the organisers of this humiliating programme have indeed breached this Convention and therefore this kind of motivation camp for teenagers should be ceased forthwith as not to further embarrass Malaysia.

Teenagers as “prisoners” can be educational? My f$#t!


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