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Last Friday 22 July, 77 people died in Oslo, Norway in what is deemed as the biggest massacre ever perpetrated by a single individual in peace time. It was shocking in its deliberateness. I am sure you have read all about this darkest episode in a country known for its open liberalism.

The cold-hearted perpetrator, a 32 year old man named Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian, is subsequently arrested and has admitted responsibility for the twin attacks: the bombing of the government building and the shooting death of people attending the youth camp in an island off Oslo. He shot them without mercy.

Breivik-Potret of a Mass Killer

He is not just any mass murderer, he has planned the attacks for quite some time and has posted on the net a 1518-paged manifesto on so-called “2083 European Declaration of Independence” under his anglicized name , Andrew Berwick, on the day he committed his dastardly acts. The posting is indeed a tour de force on his part talking inter alia about the negative impact of the perceived Islamification of Europe through immigration.

He loathes multiculturalism and cultural Marxism and sees Europeans as a distinct race and should remain culture dilution-free. A view which is synonymous with the White right wing extremism. It is likely that he has accomplices to put up such a wordy manifesto with numerous online citations. It looks like he has been diligently trawling the net to get materials to support his worldview.

According to someone who knows him and was interviewed on CNN, Breivik is xenophobic. He abhors Muslims. He hates South Asians and he hates orientals. A proverbial racist pig no less.

He accuses the left wing and his government of pandering to immigrants, encouraging immigration and are suckers to political correctness prevalent today in Europe. And so he plans to kill all those who according to him subscribe to this left wing liberalism. The people, gathered on the island on that fateful day were from the Youth wing of the left-leaning ruling Labour Party.

His impact on some people is tremendous. Visit YouTube and you will see many like minded persons posting non-printables on immigrant races and particularly on Muslims.

Upon being arrested he has so far been talking to the Police and even has the cheek demanding to appear in a uniform to explain to the public why he had to kill so many people and destroy government properties. An egotistical son of a gun! Just as well the Norwegian authority has decided to have the case heard in a closed court, never before done in the country.Thus denying his 15 minutes of fame.

Breivik- The Xenophobe

Breivik obviously thinks that what he has done is explainable and by scapegoating Islam and the immigrant races he probably also expects people to understand his action. He seems psychotic to me as he is somehow out of touch with reality. He seems to lack the human ability to fathom the depth of devastation and sorrow brought upon the families of those he killed mercilessly and without the slightest empathy.

Timothy McVeigh, the convicted US mass murderer was put to death by lethal injection in 2001

It reminds me of another home-grown US mass murderer, Timothy McVeigh who bombed a Federal Government building in Oklahoma in 1995 resulting in more than 160 deaths. What do Breivik and McVeigh have in common? I would say an overwhelming pathological hatred against authority and people whose action they perceived as a blatant opposition to their beliefs.

To them it appears that a democratic acceptance is not an option. They could no longer exercise the human capacity for restrain and compassion. Mass murderers choose to kill and terrorize for their own twisted infantile satisfaction. A form of grandiose satisfaction over an ability to kill so many people and inflict so much pain to their loved ones, relatives and friends. What else could it be?

To understand the psyche of Breivik, the mass murderer, you need to study his childhood background and the socio-political and cultural environment that he is operating in. I do not know about life in Norway as well as I know that in the UK. In the UK you also see massive immigration and the presence of Muslims but you have yet to see this level of open hatred. No truly radical demagogue being identified all these years.

Indeed none of the reasoning really gives a “good explanation” of Breivik’s actions, which are unjustifiable, and don’t really make sense even on his own deluded terms (slaughter native Norwegian youth to stop the takeover of Norway by immigrants?).

From what I gather Breivik comes from a broken home,relatively well-educated, IT-savvy,in possession of and skilled at using high-powered gun, knowledgeable in bomb-making and a cultural Christian as opposed to a practicing one with an extreme right wing views. We will learn more about him as the trial opens likely to be next year (2012).

Breivik being taken to court

Norway has abolished the death penalty so this monster will likely be looking at spending time in prison at Norwegian tax-payers’ expense. By the way the maximum allowable prison sentence under Norwegian law is 21 years. And so he will be released in 2032! This is justice in one of the most liberal European countries.

In the meantime the country is mourning the senseless death of its youth caused by one of their own and not by Islamic Jihadists as earlier being accused of by many right-wing North American bloggers.

It is noteworthy that the country’s defiance of not concentrating on differences but instead on togetherness is a significant factor in their grieving process and seemingly a total rejection of Breivik’s legacy of violence and cultural apartheid.


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