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I am apolitical. I value freedom of expression and free speech.I hate injustice and unfairness, abhor corruption and condemn manipulative politicians. I am like most of you. I like to be guided but certainly despise to be told. Nobody likes to be told. I may have my negative points but who hasn’t?

And so I note with increasing alarm the resultant public and economic repercussions and political implications of the proposed 9/7 street rally by BERSIH 2.0. On the surface of it, the coalition has a valid reason to demonstrate and shout their eight demands which I truly support but if the forum is to be shared by those who have ulterior motives then the whole intention of the rally could not be that noble.

The BERSIH website is opposition parties-friendly and that itself gives it away from being independent. This rally could turn out to be the opposition parties’ greatest day out in the guise of “demand for clean electoral process”. I must say I was taken in myself with the superficial meaning of the gathering. Thus you have PERKASA and UMNO youth coming in to counter these political elements much to the chagrin of freedom of expression-loving public.

The electoral process in this country is perceived as not clean and yet we witnessed in 2008 General Election, the opposition parties’ humungous success in capturing five of the states. It looks like whether it is clean or not, the people are getting more aware of their rights to determine their political representatives.

I am not the biggest fan of Anwar Ibrahim, in fact much to the anger and resentment of some of my blog readers, I find him a phony politician ( with a character flaw). His involvement in this street rally speaks volumes of the reactionary government supporters’ opposition. And I am deeply wary of the ulterior motives of this proposed massive gathering expressly designed for the western media.

I have great respect for Ambiga but her association with political parties in organising this rally is disappointing to say the least.

I am sure most of us support any measures to bring in more democratic process in this country but if they are carved in the context of political manoeuvrings, their sincerity is questionable. People could be misled into thinking that they are part of a democracy movement yet it is a subtle form of mind subjugation.

Mind subjugation is when you are not able to think for yourself but being led headlong by a very clever idea of a charismatic leader.

I thoroughly support the eight demands of BERSIH 2.0 but I reject their ambiguous context and dastardly political ulterior motives.


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