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We read in today’s papers that MACC or Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council chief has confirmed that Taib Mahmud the long-term Chief Minister of Sarawak of 30 years is being investigated for timber corruption. At last,… at last there is some official admission that the man who has been known for a very long time to be corrupt is under investigation. That is following the freezing of Taib’s assets in Switzerland by the Swiss Anti-Corruption Agency over alleged timber corruption.

Taib Mamud with his corrupt smile

Imagine it takes a foreign country to act before the authorities in Malaysia decide to come in. I supposed if Malaysia is keeping silent on this, the international community would scorn her for engaging in the horrid culture of partial investigation of corruption. This stance will not be left unnoticed by foreign investors. This stance will make us look like a coward. Shame on the authorities for turning a deaf ear on all the allegations by the non-mainstream media all this while, preferring to pander to the power and filthy wealth of the man that is Taib Mahmud.

I cannot help but remember Bruno Manser, the Swiss environmental activist, with sadness in my heart. He fought to preserve the forest for the Penans, Sarawak’s natives and was possibly murdered for it and his body was never found. He was well known in Switzerland for his public activism for rainforest.

Bruno Manser with the Penans

Looks like the Swiss government has taken this long since her world citizen, Bruno was declared legally dead in 2005, to come up with evidence of Taib’s nefarious activities and obnoxious abuse of power.

Please MACC, please PM Najib, please investigate Taib Mahmud, popularly known as “White Hair” and bring back morality to Sarawak BN-component party.

A Malaysian politician who can stash his money in Switzerland is corrupt unless proven otherwise. Look at all those corrupt despots of African countries, South American and Arabian dictators and the Ferdinand Marcoses of this world… where do they stash their dirty money?

It is just not fashionable for leaders to be corrupt in this day and age. In China they shoot you and in Arab countries they pull you down through relentless demonstrations and sacrifices. The “Arab Spring” comes into being because of CORRUPTION and now it may be timely for the “Sarawak Spring” led by the loin-cloth wearing Penans with their blowpipes!….. stand aside please all law enforcement units just like what the Egyptian military did during the recently successful anti-Mubarak uprising.

Penans family

Go to the nooks and crannies and get all the evidences which are in abundance. MACC just have to get to those who have been crying out for justice all these years.

Justice for the Sarawak people especially the natives and condemnation for and prosecution of the corrupt family of Taib Mahmud and his cronies who are keeping quiet because they are also being fattened up by this ill-gotten wealth.

Taib Mahmud,you can certainly run but you cannot hide!


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