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It seems the western media especially in the US is highly critical of Malaysia for prosecuting Anwar for sodomy. They are saying that there are elements of bias in the prosecution mechanisms and the whole trial is kind of a sham. They are lamenting how come Obama administration is not supporting Anwar like the Clinton’s in 1998. I remember Al Gore walked out of a dinner after lambasting Malaysia’s treatment of Anwar … then he lost the US presidential election by a thread! Come to think of it, there would not have been an Iraq war had Gore become the president because unlike Republicans, Democrats are not the warring type.

Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz wrote in The Wall Street Journal in August 2010 that Anwar was being prosecuted under dubious circumstances and called on the American government to speak out on his behalf. But both men were themselves embroiled in sexual exploits of their own. A number of Australian politicians were also out to support Anwar last year. Looks like people in the West view the whole Anwar’s sodomy II trial as a government’s conspiracy to remove Anwar from the political scene in Malaysia. They see it as pure injustice and reeked of foul play. They only look at the prosecution of Anwar from their perspectives and cultural boundaries.

To them Anwar did not force the plaintiff to have sex with him, he did not beat the accuser, Saiful, blue and black. In fact, the accuser was still with Anwar the following day of the alleged sexual act. Heck, to them it was ,at the very worst, consensual so why bother prosecuting Anwar? Had he not been the charismatic de facto leader of the opposition, would the Najib’s government still prosecute him?? This is where the Western media find the glaring partiality and prosecution’s selectiveness.

The other issue that rather rile them up is the fact that Saiful, the accuser, seemed to have the blessing of PM Najib before he decided to have his “anus” examined at the hospital. Apparently he was given a special treatment at the general hospital when staff found out that he had “big connection”. So there appeared to be an element of reward here for coming out in the open… Jesus, here is a man who, the darling of the Muslim world, the seemingly pious leader who even led prayers, who gleefully embraced Islamic resurgence, persuasive enough to make Muslim women cover their hair and capitalised on religion to promote his political career and yet a sodomite? Islam is against sodomy and so is the law of the land. And this man wants to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia? It just doesn’t gel.

For whatever reasons Saiful the accuser ,has for exposing Anwar, concerned Malaysians must thank him for saving us from this devious man. Yes, by right Saiful should also be charged for engaging in these “unlawful” activities, then perhaps this move to prosecute Saiful as well would appease some fence-sitters and making the whole issue fairly treated by the power that be.

There are both a culture clash between the Western media and some Malaysians on unnatural sexual acts between two consenting adults and the manner in which the prosecution was speedily mounted. It does look bad in the eye of the international community because they see Anwar as a politician who wants to give an alternative political choice to Malaysians and they cannot comprehend why he is being categorically obstructed from pursuing the objective in line with a democracy.

If only the West would understand a little of our general Muslim psyche then they would not be so condescending in their attack of our legal system. They should leave us alone to deal with this fake politician. He presents a security risk. His unlawful and disgraceful activities would, increasingly, put Malaysia at risk of veiled foreign subjugation if he were the Prime Minister (remember Wikileaks). Whither our sovereignty then?

Just reflect over that.


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