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Every time Tun at 85, gets admitted to the hospital I feel a lump in my throat. Last year in Melbourne Australia he was down with a chest infection and admitted to the hospital there and yesterday 18 May he yet again suffered another chest infection and was admitted to IJN (National Heart Institute). Remember folks, it was Tun who mooted the idea of that iconic heart center following his heart attack over 20 years back. Tun has always trusted Malaysian doctors.

At that age when the body is not what it used to be, I would really like to give Tun an unsolicited advice to not be around too many people in a big crowd. People just love to shake Tun’s hands and as we know during the H1NI scare, germs can travel fast this way. The infection has become more frequent and this trend is not good for a person of Tun’s age. The medications themselves are not that hot on Tun’s aging liver and kidneys. I really appeal for Tun to rest and enjoy quality time with his family.

I don’t always agree with Tun on some of his policies, statements and actions. In fact I used to cringe every time Tun “hentam” (hammered) the West but I do respect him and will always love him as a leader who transformed Malaysia into a modern country it is today. Because of him we did not get left behind in the IT revolution. Doing things online is taken for granted now. The e-government project could not have taken off without political will because civil servants are usually routinized and hard to change. But Tun changed all that in late eighties and early nineties. The man has accomplished so much and set a foundation for succeeding leaders to further build on.

Long Live Tun M!

Tun is not perfect, neither anyone of us.

But a person is usually judged by the degree of good that he has done. It is not humanly possible to be good all the time. For me Tun is a gift to us Malaysians. For those who greatly dislike Tun, do search your soul and imagine if Tun had turned out to be like one of those African leaders who bled his country dry? What a catastrophe especially in a multiracial and multi-religious country like ours. Tun M kept it together during his 22-year tenure. His visionary leadership was instrumental in shaping the country’s outlook. He gave us Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya,KLIA and Sepang Formula 1 circuit and most importantly, he gave us pride to be Malaysians (except for those Malaysians who become drug mules and drug and human traffickers !)

I wish to pray based on my belief for Tun M’s speedy recovery and may his days are full of blessings. Amen


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