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At last the alleged perpetrator of the sodomy act will stand there in that court watched and scrutinized by interested Malaysians and even the world to defend himself. I wonder how he would do it. How would he go about disowning that semen found in the anus of the plaintiff?. Would he insist that the DNA belonged to seven or so men in a trillion other than him? By the way the world population now is only about seven billion. It’s a tricky situation indeed.

Looks like his strategy is to win on technical ground and on his perceived faulty, “unfair”, weak system of justice where all the people involved in bringing this case to its conclusion are unreliable and untrustworthy. Everybody is against him and not an iota of integrity in any of the civil servants and scientists involved in matching his DNA to the one found in the intimate part of Saiful, his young good looking and effeminate ex-political aide. It certainly reminds me of the equally good looking, effeminate Indonesian man, Sukma Darmawan Sasmita Atmadja who according to Anwar was his “adopted brother” in 1998.

Sukma Darmawan 1998

Saiful 2010

In the “sodomy 1” retrial in 2004 the judges overturned an earlier guilty verdict against Anwar for lack of concrete evidence and yet in their written judgement they stated that they found that the ex-Deputy PM did engage in such activities. How astute were those judges? Because a habitual sodomite will not just fade away and so his activities resurface publicly in 2010!

He did not learn his lessons simply because he got away in 2004 revised verdict!

I saw the video of him talking to the reporters outside the court on 16 May. He talked and talked about the judge prejudging him, about bringing in Najib and Rosmah ( he mentioned twice ) and others to question them, to wear them down, pulling all the wool that he could grab hold of so as to cover our eyes. He would use his oratory skill to demolish those he deems responsible for his predicament. He would cry foul and blame everyone except himself. I am sure if he reads my posting he would say that I am one of those who prejudge him! Come on people look at the evidence. I could not help but smiled to myself when I read Anwar’s supporters’ arguments that the semen was planted in Saiful’s anus!!

What is baffling is there are people who believe in him and possibly people who are “forced” to believe in him for want of a “credible” candidate as the PM in case the opposition won the next general election. Yes, Anwar was once even the acting PM of Malaysia and he had cultivated an extensive international network worldwide and masqueraded as a model Muslim leader in the eye of the world. Indeed, he was put on the pedestal in the Muslim world.

His supporters, in their hundreds, are hanging to him by a thread. Simply pathetic.

One of pro-Anwar’s blogs had a polls asking its visitors whether Anwar would be the next PM of Malaysia. Of course most of the visitors said yes as I noticed Pro-opposition supporters tend to visit pro-opposition blogs . The same for pro-government supporters. So the result of the polls cannot be valid. I remember commenting on that particular blog that I could not accept Anwar as he was guilty of homosexual activities by association. My unfortunate use of the word “association” was blasted left, right and center, by another commentator. That was my cyber encounter with one of Anwar’s blind supporters!

Now, Karpal Singh the chief lawyer in Anwar’s defense team would use all the tricks up his sleeve to wreak havoc on justice for the victim, Saiful. If he succeeded, I believe, he would never come to terms with his conscience if he ever had one. A “good” lawyer could argue both ways. So are those who manufactured the evidence to get Anwar if that was the case which I doubt very much especially with all those doctors and chemists testifying to the integrity of the procedures they undertook at the preliminary investigation stage of this shameful case in the Malaysian Muslim context.

What is the premise of his defence? The judge had better be prepared for Anwar’s long-winded speech of his life. To cast a reasonable doubt he might even resort to saying seven other man possess that DNA which is the same with his. He might even inadvertently, say he was not the only one sodomizing Saiful as there were others. Yes, he would be correct as the chemist did find another unknown male’s semen in Saiful’s anus.

Go figure folks!


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