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He was murdered for being the mastermind of one of the most daring attacks in living memory. A group of men who died for their conviction and in the process killed some 3000 innocent people who were at the iconic towers, the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan in New York and 9/11 becomes an entrenched symbol of “we will never forget”. And so they hunted him down to his bedroom in Abbottabad, Pakistan nearly 10 years later.

Look at the joyous crowd at Ground Zero who celebrated the welcoming news of the man’s death. An eye for an eye indeed. No human Rights groups coming forward to condemn that murder. It seems like the act of getting their man at all cost is the most natural response ,yes, a primitive one. They even had a specialized “hunting” unit manned by some of the most dedicated CIA agents to get their quarry.

And so you have had enough of the story of that popular revenge. Bin Laden stood for violence and he died by violence. But will the world be now safer from Bin Ladenism? Unless the root cause of terrorism is addressed, many people believe a safer world is just wishful thinking. The cycle of revenge and retaliation in the form of a vendetta could prevail and those concerned should not let down their guard.

In their quest for revenge since that fateful 9/11, so many innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have perished. Terrorism and its counter-responses have left and will continue to leave trails of collaterals. To me both acts are crimes against humanity.

On another note, have you noticed that the death penalty is being done away with in most western countries? Even when all the evidence are there, convicted murderers are sentenced to life in prison. Most times the relatives of the murdered victims would have wanted an eye for an eye. Just put the murderer to death and let us be satisfied and move on with our lives! I have seen too many of that emotion in true crime episodes on TV and other media reports. Most want revenge in the guise of JUSTICE.

So what is it about revenge that makes it so sweet? I suppose it is the ability to inflict something as bad on the other person as he has inflicted it earlier on you and see the person suffers and just imagine during the process your mind is littered with anger and resentment. Pervasive negative energy all round. I just wonder what this emotion does to your heart and the people around you.

For revenge some people would do anything, sometimes to the detriment of their reputation. The sex video clip caper is part of a revenge going back over 20 years.Some people wait for many years to exact the revenge. The energy they sap is tremendous and often they look older than their age. Think for a minute, do you think such a person will be happy once he has his revenge?

Taking revenge means you do not forget, neither do you forgive or have any mercy. I remember hearing one of the American leaders following 9/11 saying “May God have mercy on you because we won’t!”. Well, I supposed when the sense of and quest for revenge is spread over million of people, nobody would seem to lose sleep over the shooting death of Bin Laden as it is a shared conscience. They see it as justice being finally served for those who died and their relatives.

But for the ordinary people who have revenge on their mind, it can be burdensome to you mentally especially when you think everyone has upset you in the past, one way or another. Do you want to take revenge on everyone of them just so you think it would satisfy yourself? It looks like your mind is really disturbed. It is time to actually reflect and take time to heal your emotion by casting aside the bitterness in your soul. Life is too short.

To err is human and to forgive is divine, yes, it is easier said than done because it is only the exceptionally great men and women, the likes of Ghandi and my idol Nelson Mandela could rise aloft above revenge and capture the true human spirits.


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