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I am sure most of you have read ,discussed and debated over the front-paged news of Utusan Malaysia ( a low-circulation party-owned Malay newspaper) that an opposition party and some pastors are praying for a Christian Prime Minister and wanting to make Christianity an official religion of Malaysia. An uproar that followed was deafening and some robots started lodging police reports on this “frightening revelation”.

What and who was the source of this “calamitous” news? No there is no deep throat in Malaysia like in the US. In Malaysia people tend to take their right to express themselves for granted. And so some blogger who calls himself BigDog conjured up something out of nothing. He imagined that the meeting of the religious group with the opposition party could be for the purpose of making Malaysia a Christian country. He in fact put a question mark on his blog topic which was of course read by some mindless Utusan reporter and supported by his/her editor, chose to report the “imagined news” without any question mark, without so much of a verification, causing the ire and anxiety of the insecure segment of the Muslim public.

That is what many people including myself find that the Utusan news was highly irresponsible and designed to cause racial and religious rifts in this country. And BigDog, a pro-party blogger has managed to bring up his comedy in bad taste to the wider public, sowing a seed of mistrust and division. May The Almighty/God/Mother Nature/Allah swt/Tuhan/Yahweh/Muruga/ToPekong, whatever you refer to that Higher Power when you pray, teach this rumor-monger a lesson he will never forget! I suggest he take a liver test and look at his fat profile!

BigDog- OBESITY kills!

I do not believe the Christians are foolish enough to come up with such an idea and yet because of the report in a mainstream newspaper, I did wonder could it be true? See, we cannot be 100% sure of anything. When Obama’s detractors accuse him of not being born in the US and therefore not eligible to be a US President, I do not believe and yet when you read a lot of this, you tend to think, could it be that Obama was actually born in Kenya? See what I mean, you make people feel confused and doubtful. Educated people will be able to resolve this uneasiness eventually but for the ordinary guy on the street, it is the mental insecurity which will haunt them and making them look upon those not of their religious persuasion with suspicion and distrust.

So whither 1Malaysia PM Najib??

The knee jerk response of the likes of the Minister of Home Affairs also did not help. Instead of putting out the raging fire, he seemed to have fanned it by warning the opposition party and the religious group. Come on man, be a statesman and not a gutter politician! This is what happens when a person’s status in a party is due to his father and not out of his own intelligent effort! He needs to read about President Mandela and internalise the great man’s principles. Use more brain rather than more spine!

As for the rascal blogger BigDog, it looks like racial and religious harmony is not in his vocabulary. He’s served us up with a comedy but nobody is laughing. Though we must thank him for keeping Malaysians temporarily away from the infamous video clip. What a welcome respite!

It seems the police are now investigating (as always!) and will they charge the damned blogger when they find the “allegation” to be unfounded? Let us wait and see guys. And knowing the Malaysian police……


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