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What is my response to the proposal by an MP (Member of Parliament) that his party should establish an institution of higher learning? I am appalled to say the least. Okay allow me to think aloud here.

If you establish an institution of higher learning in the name of your party, are you saying that only people subscribing to the ideology of your party or only members of your party are allowed to study there? This is a sure way of in-breeding. Anyone intelligent enough will see that in-breeding is bad news. It will lead to weakening of creativity because people will be thinking more or less the same things, everybody will agree and conform and only a few will do the thinking and influencing.

Look at the religion-based educational institutions in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia. What do you see? Malaysia too has these and need to be careful and guard against extremism in the name of religion. Education thriving on division and thinly veiled Marxist ideas can really be disastrous.

I have yet to really delve into Marxist thinking which I believe is based on socialist philosophy of everything equal. everything shared and everything the same and everything for members? This kind of social arrangement will not allow for wider human potential to develop. The elite will remain elite and the low ranking will continue to be at the bottom layer of the social pyramid. Nature abhors this repression that is why you see the dismantling of this Marxist system in many countries professing its principles in the past.

Imagine this party-based college will only accept party members and their children and relatives and others with different political leanings will be prevented from coming in. It looks like this MP is associating race to party. To him only his party is fighting for the dominant race of Malaysia, this kind of thinking does not augur well for the political health of this country. This arrangement will lead to corruption to stay in power because power means filthy wealth in such a setting. It is okay for him to make this proposal because he is already in the elite political circle by the accident of his birth! But to me he is not a true leader.

Marxism represses alternative thinking, kills creativity, intolerant of differing ideas and curbs social mobility unless you are a member of the party!

I am sad and rather surprised as well that this man is the son of someone who has done a lot for this country. I wonder what sort of education he has had to come up with this pure stupidity of subtle social engineering.

Marxism is outdated and long dead and let us not revive it. Let us oppose it vigorously.


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