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The Malaysian police have investigated the video clip report and sent their papers to the Attorney-General and they say they are going to charge those who possess and distribute the video (through screening to selected journalists). So the public is waiting for the outcome of the investigation. In the meantime more footages of the video have surfaced on the internet. One was particularly obnoxious that I quickly closed it in fright rather than disgust!

In the meantime the Datuk Trio has decided to up the ante, going for Muslim pressure point by making one of them, the protagonist of the video discovery, swear on the Holy Book, the Quran,that the actor in the video is Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of the coalition of opposition parties.

Eskay (center) swearing on and kissing the Quran

Muslims normally would not dare to do this for fear of divine retribution. The very act itself is looked upon as a desperate attempt to tell the truth based on faith. This singular action makes most God-fearing Muslims sit up in awe. And no wonder Anwar’s supporters were all out to stop this faith-blowing act. And no wonder the trio wore bullet-proof jackets at the mosque where the swearing took place. The atmosphere was reported to be electrifying. Both sides were adamant that they did the right thing.

The police were there to escort Datuk T and monitor public order and this led Wan Azizah, Anwar’s “loyal” wife to accuse the police of siding with Datuk T. Anwar’s supporters even attacked the Islamic Department officials who came to witness the swearing last Friday 29 April 2011. So people, you can surmise the degree of significance and intensity this whole caper has over the dream and direction of someone’s political career.

If the police reveal the identity of the male actor in the video, they have to do it scientifically and independently otherwise Anwar’s supporters and fence sitters like most of us will doubt their impartiality, if in fact the male in the video were Anwar. Experts’ identification with the employment of facial measurements is vital to say the least.

But we heard that Anwar flew in a huff to London after campaigning in the recent Sarawak’s election, to visit Harley St where all the famous doctors have their clinics. Some people have accused him of having plastic surgery altering his facial or is it the belly’s configurations? making such scientific measurements harder? All these claims never fail to add more fodder to the story.

The combative Anwar Ibrahim

Okay, if the police finally reveal the man’s identity and then so what? Arrest the person? Under what charge? Could the person counter sue the police and the government for defaming him, holding him in public odium and triggering yet another protracted trial? I suppose the first person to be named in the suit would be the IGP, who by the way was admitted recently to hospital for, what it seemed exhaustion? The poor man has just been promoted to the post.

The lawyers will have a field day and no need for them to take up other cases as they can make enough money on this one alone.

Guys, this whole thing will never stop just like the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians… God forbid! We have better things to focus on.

The man’s identity, do we really care?


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