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I feel there is something not right with Badminton Association Of Malaysia (BAM) decision to ask Misbun to train new players at this point of time of all the time! He has trained Lee Chong Wei all these years till the latter becomes a champion at the world stage and the two are working well together. There is, in all likelihood that Chong Wei will win the first ever gold for Malaysia at the 2012 Olympics in London which is only a number of months away. Why can’t Misbun continue to train Chong Wei and share the limelight and ultimate glory with him???

Misbun and Chong Wei sharing the glory

The Minister of Youth and Sports should look at this new development analytically. It is not fair after Misbun has worked so hard to develop a player with Chong Wei’s capability that he should be cast aside in the guise of training new players. He can train those new players including his son after the Olympics 2012!

Many officials in BAM choose to ignore this need of Misbun to have the ultimate recognition at Olympics level and he truly deserves it as well. For BAM to treat him badly is truly a shame after all his contributions. For them to say that anyone can train Chong Wei now is insensitive as without Misbun all these years, we would not,in all probability, have a champion like Chong Wei who by the way has stated that he needed Misbun to be with him.

Misbun and Chong Wei are so close.. why separate them now?

I can understand Misbun’s frustrations. He cannot really say it out because that is usually a nature of someone who is modest but his action of rejecting the new contract where he would no longer train Chong Wei, speaks louder than words.

BAM please grow up!


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