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If I had the power I want to send the the editor of Utusan Malaysia and the President of PERKASA ( the Malay rights group) to outer space and let them look at our planet earth from there. Then they would realise that they are just tiny specks of dust in this universe. And they would also see that from up there, only oceans, rivers and mountains are borders… …1Human,1Planet!

That is the problem with people who speak and read in one language, stay around one people and remain in one location. Their mind seem to be stuck with one idea and one madness.

Malaysians should learn other languages especially English so that they can strive to be competitive and sensitive as well in the spirit of 1World.

The proposal of “1Melayu,1Bumi” movement is surely made with tongue in cheek. If not it must have been made in a defensive mode in the face of the onslaught of massive urban Chinese support for the opposition as seen recently in the Sarawak polls. The election results should have been put in perspectives before any conclusion is made by both sides.

There is a sense of insecurity in those who jump on the bandwagon of racism.

That is why I believe influential people like our beloved Tun Mahathir should not make remarks which appear to fan racism. In my previous posting I was disappointed with Tun for accusing DAP (Democratic Action Party) of bringing racist politics to Sarawak. What I was secretly worried about was the impact his statements might have on people like the Editor of Utusan Malaysia (Malay language newspaper) and those in PERKASA. The eventual cascading effects of the call on the Malays especially those who are not that well educated and have nothing to lose is frightening to say the least.

Remember the controversy on the use of the word “Allah” by Christians that was endorsed legally by the court and what had happened following that ruling? Crude firebombing of churches started to go off and who were those persons finally arrested and charged,tried and sentenced? A couple of Malay lads who worked as…. dispatch riders!

Stoke the fire of racism in Malaysia at our peril. Everybody will lose.

Ibrahim Ali President of PERKASA

So I am relieved to read that both PM Najib and Tun Mahathir have spoken out against the idea and proposed movement of “1Melayu,1Bumi”. and now has become 1Bumiputera. The UMNO leadership should be firm against any racist movement which will spell disaster for this country.

It looks like PERKASA is still going ahead with the efforts to establish such a body despite their Patron , Tun Mahathir disagreeing with the concept. In matters of race some times the leader will lose control and the one more fanatical will take over to fan the fire of shameless bigotry. PERKASA could become a loose cannon.

And of course Chinese leaders from BN component parties and the opposition are out in full force against such a proposal with one saying that it is akin to an apartheid movement. The Chinese leaders should also speak out against any racist movement in their fold. We don’t want anyone to come out with 1Chinese,1Voice movement,…… there are more than 1Billion Chinese in China!

And now the world has become literally borderless. Just look at Libya and ponder over the actions of the alliance of the western firepower led by NATO and ratified by the United Nation (UN). It could happen anywhere in the world.

Coming back to our local scene, I remember attending a Convention in PICC in 2005 when Tun Mahathir spoke about how Malaysia could not have achieved its economic standing today if not for the other races, particularly the industrious Chinese. We need each other and our political differences should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen our resolve to make Malaysia a better place to live for all her citizens.

And yet, somehow I feel the rallying proposal of “1Melayu,1Bumi” and now 1Bumiputera movement is, in fact, an attempt by some people to signal to others not to mess with them!


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