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I fail to understand the sarcasm Tun Mahathir made in his blog regarding the inroads made by the Opposition particularly DAP in the recent Sarawak election. Is this the case of the pot calling the kettle black? I thought DAP is more multi-racial than UMNO and I thought Pakatan Rakyat has the same concept with Barisan Nasional (BN)?

Tun Mahathir, Malaysian Prime Minister (1981-2003)

I quote Tun Mahathir’s sarcastic comments in his blog:

“3. I congratulate the DAP for bringing its racist politics to Sarawak. Before this all races co-operated well with each other for the good of Sarawak. Now we see clearly that the Chinese community in Sarawak has rejected multi-racialism.” (unquote).

Come on Tun, as someone who has done a lot for Malaysia, you should play the respectable role of an elder statesman. Instead of going after DAP and accusing them of racist politics, you should look at the negative points of BN component parties in Sarawak and suggest measures for them to take to improve themselves for the upcoming 13th General Election. you should advise publicly for Taib Mahmud the corrupt long-serving Chief Minister to please step down and hand over power to someone younger and go on his honeymoon ( and don’t forget to take with him his heart medications).

By accusing DAP you are actually saying that there are no issues in Sarawak and the people choose their representatives based solely on race. I am afraid you are being too short-sighted this time. In the era of the internet people are able to access information and assess evidences for themselves. Granted that more Chinese in the urban areas are more internet-savvy, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that the Chinese are more conscious of the issues facing Sarawak.

In a democracy,people can choose who they think can offer alternative solutions to their concerns like the environment, human rights, corruption and religious freedom. Is Tun Mahathir saying that the Chinese in Sarawak have made the wrong choice of supporting the opposition? I would have looked at the outcome in another way, the people who voted for opposition simply do so so that they would have a voice to present their interests/problems. Their perception is UMNO is so dominant that the other BN component race-based parties like MCA, MIC and PBS are powerless and have failed to perform their duty to their respective, excuse me, races! UMNO should work harder to erase that perception instead of ignoring it.

So your sarcasm is not at all constructive and highly unbecoming of someone who is well-respected as a “statesman”. But actually Tun I am sorry your action is more like a gutter politician. My heart is screaming when I say these things to Tun because I have always held him in high regard and in fact I can say that I love the old man for his vision and urgency of actions as our Prime Minister for more than 20 years..

I do not think the Chinese reject multi-racialism, it was just that PKR failed to perform and how could the party even begin to perform when all that was done by BN people was to poison Sarawakians on Anwar’s alleged video sex and his omega watch! Even a Rumah Panjang Tuai Rumah hounded Anwar with the sex issue rather than hearing out what PKR could do to balance power in Sarawak, to voice out the issues of land grabbing and Native Customary Rights land struggles! Or even Taib Mahmud’s plunderings of State’s resources.

As if not enough of accusing Anwar having sex with a prostitute, another nasty “revelation” by that man RPK that Anwar “forced” him to make the SD on Najib and Rosmah on Altantuya’s murder…. all carefully timed to discredit Anwar and in the same breath PKR. They have lost a leg and you go on cutting off another leg. I must say the election campaigns in Sarawak by BN was very fair indeed!!? PKR lost badly due, in some cases, to the smearing campaign of their leader. Anyone who is objective could see that. In fact the whole world could see that ( just wait for the next edition of Wikileaks.. if Julian Assange survives!).

A major reason why PKR lost badly (and even UMNO if it dared to contest in Sarawak) is the “hatred” Malay-Melanau have for people from Peninsular trying to dictate/mentally colonise them politically. I have heard with my own ears my Sarawakian colleagues said that they would fight than become like Sabah. They pity Sabah which has given its “soul” to UMNO. Everything Sabah leaders want to do they have to refer to the Federal, to UMNO so Bumiputera Sarawakians swear they will stay united and never give in an inch to any Peninsular-based party and they would rather be with their bloody corrupt locally-born Chief Minister than some “modern dictator” from Peninsular Malaysia.

Do you not wonder then that all 35 PBB-contested seats are won? Don’t give me that crap that they love Taib Mahmud so much, in fact some Sarawakians are wondering how come not any one of their women is attractive enough for their Chief Minister? Why did he have to go to the Middle-East to get a wife? And Europe before that? Sarcasm aside, politically, given a local choice, they would have got rid of the dirty old man.

That is Malay-Melanau/Dayak/Iban/Bedayuh for you! So PM Najib, Mahyuddin and all those guys coming to campaign in the recent election in Sarawak, while those Bumiputera Sarawakians seemed to be smiling at you they were actually sneering at you while waiting to receive all your promised million! Deny this at your peril.

Had PKR performed by grabbing at least 30% of the seats they contested, then “Multi-racialism” would have come naturally to Sarawak as PKR would be teaming up with DAP and SNAP and perhaps some “frogs” from other ethnic-based mosquito parties. It happens all the time folks.

Having expressed my piece ( I am hot around the collar now), I am not into supporting any political party because to me loyalty to any can be a moral disaster when you stick to them blindly. I will never support a religion-based party in which case Pakatan Rakyat is not attractive to me as PAS is in there. But if others choose them then we all have to respect that choice in the spirit of democracy.

As for Tun Mahathir, since he is quite influential and charismatic to a lot of adoring fans including yours truly, I would like to appeal that he be fair in his comments on the Sarawak election results. And keep his destructive sarcasm to himself.


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