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Taib Mahmud and his family especially his younger sister Raziah have from the beginning put Najib and his wife Rosmah, in their pocket. Without realising it, Najib and Rosmah have “inadvertently” entered into their trap. Gosh.. shouldn’t Najib have seen the abnormal wealth that Taib and his family are flaunting? All on the salary of a Chief Minister even if for 30 years. The sponsorship of the Islamic fashion show in Monaco should have signalled a red flag.

Najib,Rosmah,Taib,Raziah and her husband Robert Geneid with Prince Albert of Monaco

So the Taib family has enabled Rosmah and Najib to meet Prince Albert of Monaco.. how overwhelmingly fantastic!

As I was sitting at a private lounge of a foreign bank last week, I picked up an upper class magazine “Malaysian Tatler” February 2011 issue, there I saw a photo of Rosmah singing at Raziah’s birthday party in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Wah…. good friends! The birthday girl presented an expensive perfume to each of her guests that night. Fabulously wealthy and generous indeed.

Rattzy Raziah

See, how do you get your wife’s good friend and her powerful politician-brother investigated and most probably charged for corruption? Your wife would not talk to you!

We do not have to hear about what they say to each other, we just have to see their photos together and make our own conclusion.

Yes, it is hard to be the Prime Minister because you have to choose your “good friends” carefully. A lesson for future Prime Ministers.

Remind me of the close friendship between the Chief Judge and the lawyer who was allegedly involved in the appointment of judges a few years back.

Corruption certainly festers among good friends.


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    • Alan Newman. NZ
    • Posted December 10, 2011 at 11:32 am
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    If Najib doesn’t arrest the super-corrupt Taib – CM of Sarawak soon, his integrity, moral & credibility go to the dogs. It’s as simple as that and the whole world sees too clearly. He is thus supporting Sarawak 45 year regime (Yakub & Taib) that has plundered billions of $ and couldn’t care less for the people who elected them! Umno/BN is just as corrupt. This is all a big disgrace for Malaysia

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