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I was not really aware and neither was I interested in Taib Mahmud, the long serving and much despised Chief Minister of Sarawak. He has been in power since 1981, a 30-year hold on power. Honestly I thought that he was a good,clean and caring Chief Minister. Though I did come across the story of his quarrel with his uncle Abdul Rahman, our ex-education Minister years back, on political matters involving their family members .

Visitors to my blog by now must have already known about my thought on corruption and that I am extremely allergic to this social disease. My antenna on Taib Mahmud picked up a strong signal following a comment to my blog in 2009. So I started surfing the net for anything Taib Mahmud and what I found terribly make me sick.

Taib Mahmud -The Most Corrupt Chief Minister in Malaysia

The Sarawak Report, the dedicated website for Sarawak by concerned Sarawakians and their friends reveal so much of this man’s greed, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power,land grabbing and bullying of the natives. It reads like a bad movie. At first I was skeptical but as I looked further, I am beginning to believe the cry. I will post my take on this man before 16 April 2011, the date of Sarawak state polls, the D-Day for Taib Mahmud.

I dug up this comment which was sent to me two years back well before this pre-election period, for what I call the cry of the knowledgeable and ordinary middle-class Chinese. Here goes and it’s verbatim:

The chief minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud is the most corrupted chief minister that ever walked our motherland Malaysia.
Every Chinese New Year he would visit all the big towkays in Sarawak.He would use his official jet plane to fly up and down the State.All the big towkays have to give him Ang Pows in boxes worth millions of ringgit.After that he would let them commit crimes like stealing timber,smuggling of china goods,china dolls and processing of drugs.He would also let them run illegal 4 digits and football gambling.All the other criminals pay money to this White Hair.During operation kenyalang 20,000 gangsters were caught.He used his influence to get them released.Lee Long dead sentence for kidnapping was canceled.He is laughing as a the whole law enforcement system
Can the AG tell all of us Why? Why? Why?
When the big businessman cum chief minister wants to buy over RH Bank and SESCO,he went to all the towkay for advice.They lend him more than USDs 10 billion for him.Is he going to pay back the loan ? No,No, No,
Ting Pek Khing cut down all the trees in Bakun and sold them overseas.He did not pay the Sarawak State treasury a single cent.That is the way the CM pays back thebig towkays of crime.I let you rap everything in Sarawak

balingian ketua cina
Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 5:53 am

Well there are times when you can tell whether a comment/accusation is made without basis but I feel there are some truth to this allegation after my last two years of focusing on this horribly corrupt politician.

By the way Balingian is the constituency in which Taib Mahmud is contesting in this coming April 16 state polls. I reckon he will still pull through due to the power of his dirty wealth.

It is the middle-class Chinese who will teach Taib a lesson. Granted that there are many Chinese tycoons who rely on Taib for projects and timber concessions and who wouldn’t care two hoots about what Taib’s corruption is doing to the people of Sarawak , it is the ordinary Chinese who are aware of the unfairness and injustice to their poor, lowly educated natives.

By the way I have been unable to access the Sarawak Report Website for the last five days or so apparently due to the relentless cyber attacks by you know who. They are on the run now till after the election on April 16 but you can still access them at their wordpress temporary home. If you are interested you can go to Free Malaysia website to access Sarawak Report founded by the sister of Gordon Brown, the ex-Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

Taib Mahmud’s prolonged corruption is a betrayal of trust of the very people who keep putting him there! And PM Najib please note that this Taibitis has been going on for far too long!


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