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It is reported in the newspaper today that the customs union has requested to see no less than the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib himself regarding the investigation by MACC ( Malaysian Anti-corruption Council ) on custom officers’ alleged massive graft and money laundering activities. The urgency of their request was ostensibly the unfortunate and tragic death of one of their kind identified for investigation and possible eventual charges, apparently due to a fall from MACC building. PM Najib has consented to see them.

What distresses me is the statement by the president of the Union,Ibrahim Ahmad, that all custom officers are supporters of BN! Is he implying that custom officers are not politically neutral unlike the other civil servants in a Westminster-style democracy? Is he also saying that since all custom officers support BN which happens to be in power today, the government should leave the officers alone to continue raping the country? I find the president’s statement presumptuous, immature and extortionate.

Can now the other civil servants’ union pledge their support to BN and be allowed to commit corrupt practices? Because working in the government as regulatory/enforcement bodies, civil servants are exposed to corruption. Most of them are taking ques from this “important” meeting of the customs union with PM Najib. I hope the PM will be careful to focus on the issue at hand that is the tackling of the widespread and entrenched corruption in the public sector. Any softening signal from Najib will not only destroy the credibility of the government and its highly touted and much admired Transformation Program to eliminate corruption but also potentially breaking the spirit of MACC officers and encouraging other civil servants to tread the same path of the dirty customs officers.

PM Najib please do not open the Pandora box.

Not only will BN be looked down by the rakyat (citizens) but by the international community as well. As it is Malaysia has been placed at no.5 on the list of countries with the most illicit financial outflows by Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report based in US in 2010. The massive money laundering in billion of Ringgit allegedly by dirty customs officers could be contributing to the outflows.

PM Najib’s action will also be carefully monitored by the opposition parties ready to pounce on him. Do not give your detractors the pleasure of belittling your noble efforts to address corruption in our beloved country. Do the right thing. Focus on integrity and neutrality of civil servants, MACC included.

I cannot help but smirking at the opposition party leaders such as the DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng who tried to politicise the death of Ahmad Sarbani, the customs officer who died at the MACC building on 6 April 2011. Well doesn’t he have an axe to grind with MACC for the death of a DAP political aide, Teh Beng Hock at another MACC building in 2009?.

So LGE now knows the politics of the Customs Union ( Ever wonder how come this union is the strongest in Malaysia? Their member is voted as the President of CUEPACS (Congress of all the civil service Unions in Malaysia) why not members of education or health unions for that matter which are representing a bigger number of civil servants… any money politics here? I am thinking aloud ok. )

For those interested in the resolutions of the Customs Officers Union meeting with CUEPACS on 9 April 2011, you can read here.

Looks to me that there is a hidden agenda.

I am waiting with bated breath for the kind of response PM Najib will give to the Customs Union. This may well be the turning point for him as far as fighting corruption in this country is concerned. I just pray that he remains steadfast.


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