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It never ceases to amaze me now that young civil servants have learnt to be corrupt. Just read the latest news report that eight immigration officers including a female have been charged with graft. And just look at that, they received bribes for facilitating the entry of Indonesian immigrants into the country ( to feed their family and sustain their lavish lifestyle?). By the same token, they could also, for money, let in illegal immigrants into the country. God, what is happening to our country? The blinking politicians are quarreling, the secular/non-Muslim and Muslim are having a cold war and the civil servants are busy fattening their pockets. And compromising our national security to boot!

The Eight facing graft charges ( Courtesy: The Star)

And look again at the ages of the dirty Immigration officers, they are young, young civil servants, between the ages of 25-36. looks like many just joined the service for less than 10 years! And Imagine if they are not caught, they will be relying on these despicable acts for the next 25 over years till they retire in style. And notice also they are all of the same race, Malay and shamefully Muslim. This profile does not bode well for multi-racial Malaysia. PM Najib please ensure the civil service is truly 1-Malaysia! As this could help check corrupt practices.

Should these young officers be left to continue with their corruption they would infect other new recruits to the Department and we will never hear the end of this scourge. This is not a question of nipping in the bud, this is a question of cutting down the hard old bamboo trees!

Public Services Commission (PSC), the recruiting body for civil servants, please do your job properly. Please look for applicants with integrity. It is also advisable to give them integrity questionnaires to root out those with corrupt personalities. It can be done and it must be done to safeguard our civil service from “vultures” destroying the fabric of our multi-racial society. Please save our country before the oil runs out from our wells!

I would like to re post here in my blog the STAR online report:

Published: Thursday April 7, 2011 MYT 1:30:00 PM
Updated: Thursday April 7, 2011 MYT 6:38:19 PM

Eight Immigration officers charged with graft (Update)

SHAH ALAM: Eight Immigration officers claimed trial at three separate courts here for allegedly obtaining bribes amounting to RM122,140 to facilitate the entry of Indonesian immigrants into Malaysia.

The eight, including a woman, are officers from the shipping division of the Immigration Department. They face a total of 83 charges.

They are Md Shahrizal Che Dan, 26, Nor Shahazlina Sulaiman, 25, Mohamad Izuwanshah Samsuri, 25, Mohamad Huzzail Ahmad, 31, Ahmad Zahed Abd Ali, 28, Azmir Mahadi, 28, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, 27, and Mohd Khairul Haqimie Kamarudin, 26.

They were charged with collecting bribes ranging from RM500 to RM51,760 at various times and locations and banks.

All of them were charged under Section 17(a) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009.

The charge carries a maximum 20 years jail and a fine of no less than five times the amount of bribe or RM10,000, whichever is higher.


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