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Many people expressed doubt as to the identity of the male actor in the sex video clip first revealed by the trio Datuk T now known to everyone as the ex Melaka Chief Minister, Rahim Tambi Chik , Eskay and Shuib. Pro-government bloggers, encouraged by an article written in the Star last Sunday about the lack of credibility of the whole caper as the video has not been seen by the majority of people for them to judge for themselves as to the identity of the man alleged to be Anwar Ibrahim, called for the video to be shown on the net.

So and Hey Presto! Someone posted part of the video on youtube and which was later removed but not before some people make copies of it.

At last Wan Azizah admitted she saw the clip ( despite saying a couple of weeks ago that she would not like to see it because it is “haram” (forbidden) and “berdosa” (sinful), and the lady later appeared in the press conference at her house to say that the man in the video is definitely not her husband. According to her, his physical attributes are not that of Anwar’s.

I feel for her. It is sad to see her and her daughter sitting there gesturing emotionally at the gathering reporters, denying and accusing the BN government of continuing to kill off her husband’s political career. She has indeed come a long way since working as a doctor at the University Hospital (University Malaya) in the early eighties. I used to park my car next to hers in the university’s staff car park and once her luxury car (Saab) scratched my brand new Corona as she drove out!

Depending on the affiliation of the bloggers and the news portals, those who are pro-Anwar would say the man definitely not him, just as Wan Azizah agitatedly denying that. If I were her I would not give the pleasure to all and sundry to admit that I have seen the video as after all she has said that it is “haram” in Islam to watch such pornography! You should protect your dignity Wan Azizah and I am sure more people would have sympathized with you.

What about the omega watch purportedly belonging to Anwar and was found in the hotel room? Wan Azizah said she was keeping it but when asked by the reporters to show it to them she refused and became defensive creating further doubt on peoples’ mind.

Now for those pathologically against Anwar, they say definitely it is Anwar with the woman in the video.

Well, being rather concerned and curious (busybody more like it!) myself I have a look at the video and the resemblance of the male actor in the video with Anwar is there but I wouldn’t rush and say categorically that it is Anwar or not Anwar because you could either have it correct or wrong. My mind wants to be objective and so it refuses to see what it wants to see. Unless there is an expert who can truly measure the physical attributes like they do in true crime program in US, I would not commit myself to say whether it is or it is not Anwar.

By the way there was a couple having an uncanny resemblance to Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, having a mock wedding on the street in London prior to the royal wedding on 29 April. You can see it in the Telegraph.

Now back to the video, Wan Azizah and Anwar’s supporters did not want to see the man as Anwar so they vehemently deny it and the same goes to the people who greatly dislike the de facto opposition leader, they swear it is him.

So this video saga will continue and will the police be able to unearth who are in that clip? I doubt it without the government spending tax payers’ money to get to the bottom of it on which instance would look like the ruling BN government is going all out to demolish Anwar. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

As for convening a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) (yet another one as we Malaysians now do not appear to trust our judiciary system!) to investigate this video clip, I am personally against it, not that I support any camp. I see it as a waste of my money as a tax payer.

But what about justice to the trio Datuk T and Anwar himself?


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