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This MP from Sabah is no stranger to putting his face in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Reading the newspaper reports today reminded me of the remarks he made that are sexist and often vulgar in nature. His latest sweeping remark singled out woman drivers whom he accused of being slow, oblivious,rude and accident-prone. Where the hell did he get the data? Without valid data, he is just an empty vessel making the most noise.

Bung Mokhtar

One wonders how does this man ever become a peoples’ representative. But when you find out where he comes from you will understand…. even if you put a baboon there, it would’ve won as well.

Things will only change when voters become more educated, discerning, financially free and able to think for themselves. Otherwise many more Bungs will come our way.

In general Sabah people are friendly and sensitive so I must say Bung Mokhtar is not representative of Sabahans. He is singularly an uncouth loose cannon.

I do not want to write too much on this clown. All I can conclude is, this man is nothing but a BULLY. Why do I say this ? Because you’ll notice that his remarks seem to target the weaker and more vulnerable members of the society. He focused on female-specific physical attributes. Only a bully would hound the weak. PM Najib would do well to kick out this man from being his party’s candidate in the next general election. He is certainly not a transformational leader befitting to sit in Najib’s team.


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